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Here at UHD, we are a diverse group of individuals. We are academic advisors, accountants, administrative assistants, assistant professors, financial aid counselors, electricians, engineers, police officers, and professors, just to name a few! But…we are also, parents, grandparents, husbands, wives, PTA members, soccer moms/dads, students, sports enthusiasts, artists, and volunteers.

We know that it is sometimes hard to find balance between your work and personal life demands. A lot of you probably wish you had more than 24 hours in a day! We can’t give you that, BUT we can certainly help you find that balance by offering you a Work/Life Program.

The Work/Life Program can assist you with resources for dependent care, health and wellness issues, workplace flexibility, stress management, financial counseling, discounts on various products and services, and much more1.

Make the time to take a look through the various sections because you are sure to find something to help you better balance your work and personal life. You can’t afford not to!!!

We encourage you to check back frequently. We will update benefits and services as they become available. For additional information, comments, or suggestions, contact Employment Services and Operations at 713-221-8060.



1. UHD generally does not, nor is it obligated to, screen, monitor, or restrict the vendors participating in UHD's work-life program, nor does participation of a vendor in UHD's work-life program constitute UHD's endorsement of the business or the products/services offered by the participating vendor, nor would UHD be liable for any claims any individual participant in UHD's work-life program may have against any participating work-life vendor, or as a result of that individuals participating in the work-life program. In other words, please personally review the products, services, and prices offered by the work-life vendors and make your own personal informed decision about whether to utilize the products or services offered by the particular vendor.



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