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Work/Life Vendor Enrollment

Request to Participate in the Employee Discount Program

By accepting this agreement, Provider or the authorized agent of Provider (collectively "Provider") acknowledges that Provider has read the University of Houston-Downtown’s Employee Work/Life Program Policy and agrees that:

  • The discount provided by the Provider through the Work/Life Program represents an actual discount of the price of the goods and services normally offered by the Provider to the general public;
  • Provider's participation in the Work/Life Program does not constitute or create a contract or an agent relationship between the Provider and the University of Houston-Downtown and participation as a discount service or product provider is separate and distinct from the provision of any services through a vendor contract with the University of Houston-Downtown.
  • The University of Houston-Downtown may discontinue the Work/Life Program at any time or discontinue a Provider's participation in the program;
  • The University of Houston-Downtown may revise or modify the program at any time without advance notice;
  • Providers must complete and submit a new Request to Participate in the UHD Work/Life Program annually as an existing vendor to maintain an active status;
  • Provider will require the employee to present a valid employee identification card or other reasonable evidence of University of Houston-Downtown affiliation when the employee purchases the product or service;
  • Provider will keep its Web site information up to date if it uses a Web site to communicate information to employees regarding prices, products, services, and dates discount(s) is being offered;
  • Provider will immediately notify the Work/Life Program Coordinator regarding any discount items that have been discontinued or withdrawn;
  • Provider will not disclaim knowledge of or responsibility for the authenticity or legality of his/her/its product or service;
  • Provider will comply with applicable University of Houston-Downtown’s Rules and Regulations, policies, and state and federal law including any licensing or certification requirements applicable to the provisions of a particular product and/or service;
  • Providers of student loans may not participate in the employee discount program and offer any of its products or services; and,
  • Provider will not use the University of Houston-Downtown’s logos or seals or otherwise imply that participation in the Work/Life Program is an endorsement of the Provider's product by the University of Houston-Downtown.




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