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Time & Effort Reporting

Management Procedures - Grant and Contract Time and Effort Certification

Time & Effort Reporting FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


General Overview

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-21, Cost Principals for Educational Institutions, requires universities to certify employee effort expended on sponsored contracts and grants.  The University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) has adopted the “After-the-fact” activity reporting system to document and certify the distribution of personnel effort expended on sponsored grants and contracts as outlined in the OMB Circular.


All UHD employees that perform services on, or contributes effort toward, a sponsored grant or contract must certify 100% of their full-time equivalency effort.  Faculty, adjuncts, and personnel performing services toward a sponsored grant and contract must report their effort.

Effort Report Frequency

All Personnel engaged in sponsored-program activity must report their effort every fiscal year quarter. Reporting will commence with the beginning of each new fiscal year.

Effort Report Documentation

RD2K System

RD2K is a desktop database system tool for reporting time and effort on externally-funded, sponsored projects.  All personnel engaged in sponsored-program activity must report their effort quarterly.  Certifications for Undergraduate and Graduate personnel should be completed by the PI or CoPI of their respective projects.
Using existing PeopleSoft Human Resource Management System (HRMS), RD2K will provide a snapshot of all data needed to accurately account for your effort. PeopleSoft HRMS will consolidate data streams from payroll, cost transfers, and commitments to provide an easy-to-understand-and-navigate interface for accurately reporting your effort as required.

Effort Report Completion

Within approximately fifteen (15) calendar days of the end of the previous quarter, RD2K will be available for Effort Reporting certification.  Each effort statement will include all project or department cost centers from which salary up to 1.0 FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) has been charged or transferred.  Grant activity logs should also include any projects where the employee is listed as PI, CoPI or Senior Personnel in RD2K.
RD2K will remain available for effort reporting certification for an additional forty-five (45) days. College/Department Business Administrators will have access to RD2K and payroll information within fifteen (15) days of information posting.


Electronic Position Request (ePR)

The electronic Position Request (ePR) form is used by PeopleSoft to separately list each cost center the employee is assigned to with their corresponding percentage of FTE and payroll.  It is therefore imperative that ePR’s accurately reflect the correct cost center and/or its related PeopleSoft cost share/match cost center number.

Cost Share/Match Reporting Requirements

Overview and Procedures

The University is required to track and report University funded cost share/match on each grant and contract project.  Cost share/match related to personnel salary can be tracked and reported in one or two manners.

Companion Accounts

A PeopleSoft Cost Share/Match cost center is created by the Accounting Department when the University is required to participate in the cost share/match of a grant or contract project.  The established cost center number must be appropriately charged to reflect UHD’s financial contribution towards the grant or contract program.  Electronic Position Request (ePR) form must be completed for those employees contributing program effort under the sponsoring agency grant or contract, but are being compensated under the UHD’s cost share/match cost center.

Activity Codes

Using RD2K, salaried personnel can associate any non-sponsored payroll with common university activities.  If companion accounts are used, any payroll paid from a non-sponsored source(s) intended to meet a cost share/match requirement must be associated with a cost share/match cost center, and the main project’s department ID entered in the activity description line.

Journal Transfers 

General Overview

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) must approve all salary on grant or contract accounts and their companion cost share/match cost centers.  All salary and wages cost transfer requests must be processed within sixty (60) calendar days from the date the expenditure posted to the PeopleSoft general ledger.  Salary and wages corrections are limited to sixty (60) days from the end of each month to accurately certify the Time and Effort reports.
When an employee’s salary is inadvertently charged to an incorrect PeopleSoft Cost Center, a Payroll Reallocation Form must be completed to move the charges to the correct grant and/or contract cost center.  All payroll reallocation forms must be complete within sixty (60) days from the expenditure posting date.

UHD effort reports must also be adjusted to reflect the percentage of effort or hours worked on the proper grant and contract project.


PeopleSoft tracks all payroll transfers which facilitates its inclusion in RD2K certification process. If the Post-Award Administrator receives transfers by their stated deadline each semester, effort statements will reflect transfers accordingly. Otherwise, each employee will have to manually adjust their certification to account for a transfer entered after the deadline, but before close of the certification period.

ORSP will require recertification for any transfer that impacts a reporting period that has been completed.




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