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UHD Undergraduate Policies - Continuing Education and Professional Development

Continuing education and training are provided through three units: the Applied Business and Technology Center, the English Language Institute, and the Criminal Justice Training Division (see description in the Criminal Justice Department’s section of this Catalog).


Applied Business and Technology Center
N716, 713-221-8032
The Applied Business and Technology Center (ABTC) is dedicat­ed to responding to the needs of business and industry. With continuing changes in technology, jobs can become obsolete almost overnight. The many changes that are emerging in the workplace make lifelong education a necessity, not a luxury.


Hands-on training courses range from entry to advanced lev­els. The ABTC is an Authorized Premier Autodesk training center offering classes related to AutoCAD, third-party applications, and 3D Studio Max, and an Authorized Apple Training Center offering classes in Apple's digital media technology. In addition, hands-on training is provided on MicroStation, several programming languages and various business applications.


The center has an extensive consulting service that customizes courses to meet special industry requirements. Area corpora­tions and agencies often contract with the center to provide their training needs in business and technology. In addition, national and foreign corporations often contract with the center to deliver services throughout the United States and abroad.

English Language Institute
S417, 713-221-8047


The English Language Institute (ELI) invests international and resident non-native students with the linguistic, cultural, and academic skills necessary for full participation in a university in the United States.  The ELI also trains professionals who need to use the English language in their careers.


The ELI's Intensive English program is a seven-level program that emphasizes preparation for university academic studies through course work in listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. Each session offers 130 hours of class instruction and 130 hours of voluntary laboratory study. The program is supported by a computer laboratory with the latest English as a Second Language software and by a SANAKO state-of-the-art language and computer laboratory. Academic content and materials help initiate students into US aca­demic study as well as English language usage. Although the ELI sometimes offers an afternoon Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) prepara­tion course for an extra fee, ELI graduates who pass the exit test may attend UHD academic classes without a TOEFL score. In addition, ELI graduates receive three hours of UHD elective credit toward their degree.


The ELI’s Intensive English program offers a conversational component for students who do not need academic writing training. The ELI also offers a program that is a combination of intensive courses and business courses, custom designed for companies upon request, and on-site training at local companies and organizations.


Cultural and social activities are an important aspect of the ELI program. Students and trainees from other countries are given the opportunity to explore US culture while learning English through field trips, parties, and volunteer and afternoon activities, and are given opportunities to practice their English with native speakers through conversation partners programs. The English practiced and acquired through these activities helps round out student mastery of functional language.


The ELI is a member of the American Association of Intensive English Programs and NAFSA: Association of International Educators. The ELI Director is an active member of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages as are some instructors.  The instructors are trained and experienced professionals in the deliv­ery of post-secondary English language instruction. The student population is international in makeup and ranges from 190-250 students per session. All students have graduated from high school and many hold higher degrees or are working professionals. The ELI program meets a variety of student goals through its curriculum and support materials.






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