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Continuing and Professional Education

Competency-Based Learning Solutions for Business and Industry

The UHD College of Business Continuing and Professional Education department (CP Ed) addresses the educational needs of professionals seeking advancement in their careers. Using engaging teaching strategies, CP Ed develops and implements skills-driven programs defined by a knowledgeable faculty working in collaboration with industry experts. This strategy has been proven to widen the job opportunities of UHD continuing education graduates and at the same time strengthen UHD’s contribution to the development of Houston’s workforce.

CP Ed offers certificate programs for professionals in the fields of banking, energy and management.


  • Professional Land Management Certificate

  • The skills-based PLM curriculum has effectively improved the career opportunities of a diverse group of professionals. According to survey results, 40% of PLM students who completed all required courses in 2013 gained employment or obtained a salary increase. Whether you seek to gain an understanding or expand your knowledge, find a job or switch careers, increase your salary earning potential or develop a professional network, the PLM certificate program will position you to achieve your goals. PLM courses are conveniently available in both online and face-to-face (classroom) formats.



  • Advanced Petroleum Land Management Certificate

  • UHD's APLM program employs a skills-based, hands-on curriculum developed through active collaboration between the College of Business and Petroleum Education Workshops, the premier educational and training center for oil and gas personnel. The APLM certificate represents a high standard or competence, proficiency and professionalism in the field of land management. Courses are online, affording busy professionals the highest degree of control over their time.



  • Right of Way (ROW) Certificate

  • The ROW industry is rapidly expanding, and qualified ROW professionals are in high demand. Whether your interests lie in pipeline, electric, renewables, water, chemical or some other specialty, UHD's certificate program will provide you with the tasks, challenges, strategies and practical knowledge required to succeed in the private sector of the ROW industry. The program is delivered in a convenient online format.



  • Commercial Credit (CC) Certificate

  • The curriculum for UHD's Commercial Credit Certificate program was developed with industry support, an advisory board comprising University faculty and successful local banking and loan professionals. The program is structured to prepare you with the understanding and ability to bring in qualified business to a financial institution. You will develop the knowledge, analytical skills and decision-making techniques needed to make sound credit decisions. Whether your goal is to improve your skills or prepare for a career transition, network with other lending professionals or expanding your knowledge base, UHD's CC certificate program will equip you with the tools for success. The program is delivered using a hybrid learning environment that combines online lessons as well as weekly face-to-face classes.



  • Retail Management Certificate

  • Developed by UHD's Center for Retail Management and designed for non-degree seeking students who want to advance their careers in retail management, the program focuses on the skills necessary to run the day-to-day operations of a retail business. The curriculum has been carefully scrutinized by a committee comprising owners of multiple or single stores and large corporations across the entire spectrum of retail outlets, including the retailing of services, to ensure that it is relevant in today's retail environment. The program is offered online, and each lesson is facilitated by an industry expert.



  • Build Up Houston NEW!

  • Offered in partnership with the City of Houston, this program has been designed to increase the capacity and promote the success of small businesses in the construction service industry doing business in the City of Houston. It aims to help establish small business owners take their companies to the next level opening up for expansion in the private and public sectors.



CP Ed also offers customized Corporate Solutions for industry.


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