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Frequently Asked Questions


What software or program do I need for the course?

As long as you have a PC or Mac with connectivity to the internet you are good to go.  Once you log into the course, there will be a Browser Test Check button.  It will test your computer for any other necessary programs you may need.  The webinars will run with either Flash or Real Player.

Is this an accredited program for college credit?

No, this course is considered a continuing education course.  College credit is not awarded.

How many sessions do I have to take to earn a certificate?

You must complete all twelve of the sessions in order to receive the Retail Management Certificate.

Who teaches these courses?

The curriculum was written by industry professionals from a wide variety of retailers. Each lesson has a video led by successful professionals in the retail industry.

Do you recommend this course for new entrants to the retail industry?

The course content will benefit both new entrants and retail professionals.

Are there any resources available to assist me in career placement?

Retailers supporting the Retail Management Certificate Program have a direct link on the Retail Management Center home page that you can go to for information on employment.

What is the nature of the online course?

The online course contains several elements including written materials, short video clips, and quizzes.

How do I obtain a receipt to submit to my employer for reimbursement?

All payment or receipt questions should be directed to the or you can call us at 713-221-5015.

Can I get a refund if I do not finish the certificate program?

Withdrawals requested within five business days from a class start date will result in a full refund minus a processing fee of $50. Reschedules requested within five business days from a class start date are eligible to have the class tuition fee applied toward another class minus a processing fee of $50. Withdrawals or reschedules requested later than five business days from a class start date will result in no refund and cannot be applied toward another class. All registrations will be confirmed by e-mail. Withdrawals or reschedules must be requested by e-mail. Send all correspondence to

What grade do I have to make in order to pass and earn the certificate?

You must get an average of 70 or more on all the quizzes that the program includes. There are 12 quizzes in total—one quiz per lesson.

Who can I call if I am having problems getting on-line access to the webinar or written materials?

UHD Continuing and Professional Education Department: 713-221-5015 Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST

Can I substitute my education and experience for any of the sessions?

All participants must complete all twelve sessions in order to earn the certificate regardless of past experience or education. You may take selected sessions to strengthen your knowledge, but the only way to earn the certificate is to complete all twelve sessions.

How will I get books and course information?

Prior to the course start date, your login credentials will be emailed to you. All course materials will be provided online on the program start date at no additional charge.

How long will it take to complete each lesson?

Each lesson provides a video, reading selection, and quiz. Each lesson requires approximately three hours to be completed. Lessons are sequential, and each lesson has been designed to be completed following the lesson schedule provided in the online course syllabus.

How will this course help me?

The Retail Management Certificate Program is designed for new and existing managers and those with no managerial experience. The materials taught are designed to help strengthen some of the skills where you might need strengthening and will provide training for those wanting to pursue a career in retail management. Upon completion of the course you should have learned and understand the basic skills necessary for a retail manager.

Do I need a high school diploma to take this course?

No high school diploma is necessary to take the course.

How much does the program cost?

The registration fee for the program is $250. This fee covers all twelve sessions and all course material.



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