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Center for Critical Race Studies Resident Speaker

Photograph of Dr. Cooper Increasingly, academics who study race charge themselves and others to move "beyond the Black/White binary," when thinking about contemporary operations of race and racism. This talk considers what calls for transcending or moving beyond the binary mean. It seems to mean in many cases that folks are tired of talking about blackness, but never tired of talking about whiteness. Thus this talk drives to the heart of these debates, to understand what we really mean when we say we are "post-racial," and how debates over the continued usefulness of intersectionality are implicated in the project of transcending Black identity.

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Journeys to UHD with Dean Fulton

Dean of CHSS, Dr. DoVeanna S. FultonAs you may already know, UHD has welcomed a new Dean for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Dr. DoVeanna Fulton is excited to lead the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and wants to share with students her story of how she made the journey to UHD.

CHSS invites you to submit a brief essay of 250-350 words to that describes your journey to UHD and the name and CRN of the class you would like Dr. Fulton to visit.

When submitting the essay: 1) Attach your written essay in a Word document to the e-mail, and 2) In the subject line of the e-mail, write “Journeys.” Among the submissions, Dr. Fulton will choose two classes to attend each semester to describe her journey from college student to the Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences of UHD.

Do not miss this opportunity to meet Dean Fulton and hear her powerful story. Submit today!

Strategic Planning

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is conducting a strategic planning process. This process is inspired by the publication, The Heart of the Matter, produced by The American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

About CHSS

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is committed to teaching, research/creative activities, and service. At the heart of CHSS is the value placed on the diversity of humanity and a belief in education as the foundation of an empowered, free, and engaged citizenry capable of individual creativity and social responsibility. Faculty members demonstrate and students develop this capacity through multiple disciplinary perspectives: historical and theoretical inquiry, quantitative and critical/qualitative analysis, and creative cultural production. CHSS students gain crucial communication skills (critical thinking, reading, writing, and speaking) and respect for the breadth of human experience essential for thriving in complex global communities.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers degrees in traditional liberal arts disciplines and interdisciplinary studies and in select applied programs that serve important needs in our employment and educational market. The college also supports and enriches the broader curriculum and enhances the life of the university community through co-curricular initiatives in the Departments of Arts and Humanities, English, and Social Sciences and in the work of the O' Kane Theatre, O' Kane Gallery, Cultural Enrichment Center, and the Center for Public Deliberation.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences office is located in the main building.
Room: 1015 - South
: (713)-221-8009
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CHSS Staff
D. Fulton, Ph.D., Dean
D. Ryden, Ph.D., Associate Dean
C. Guillory, M.A., Interim Assistant Dean

CHSS Advising
(713) 221-8460

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