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BAFA Portfolio Guidelines and Salon Information

In the semester of graduation, each student must submit a completed portfolio of work to a faculty member and display the body of work at the BAFA Salon. The portfolio gives each student a central place to present his or her best samples to graduate school committees and potential employers.

Each BAFA candidate must have a portfolio that encompasses all three fine arts areas: music, drama and art. In addition, each concentration has portfolio requirements specific to the program.

General Portfolio Guidelines

Each BAFA student’s portfolio must include:

1. An Introduction

  • • Cover letter detailing acquired skills and application of skills in the workplace
  • • Table of Contents
  • • Resume
  • • At least three professional references from professors, employers, and/or internship supervisors
  • • List of courses taken in the BAFA curriculum at UHD

2. Written Works

  • • Minimum of three writing samples, one from each discipline (art, drama, music)
  • • Art History Concentration: Students with a focus in art history must submit a minimum of five writing samples.

3. Studio Products

  • • Minimum of three studio products from upper-level courses, including at least one from ART 3305
  • • No more than two products from the same course

4. Business Projects:

  • At least one project or product from each of these courses:
    • • MGT 3301
    • • MKT 3301
    • • HUM/ART/DRA/MUS 3325

5. Internship Summary:

  • A one-page description of the internship experience:
    • • What did you learn and how does it apply to your career plans?
    • • Would you recommend this internship to another student?
  • • Brief explanations of other co-curricular experiences, such as student-initiated projects, exhibitions, or productions

Portfolio Submission

Each student must submit a portfolio for faculty review during his or her final semester. Students must submit portfolios in a single PDF document via BlackBoard Learn.


Fall Graduation Deadline - First Monday in October

Spring Graduation Deadline - First Monday in March

Assessment and Grading

Each portfolio receives a grade of either Pass or Fail based upon these criteria:

  • • Completeness: Meets minimum number of products in each category.
  • • Scope: Contains examples from each area of fine arts with several excellent samples in the student’s area of concentration.
  • • Quality: Samples exhibit work that is at or above expectations for entry-level work.
  • • Neatness and clarity: Format is organized and well planned.

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Program-Specific Guidelines

Studio Art Portfolio

In addition to General Portfolio items, art students must submit:

  • • 10 high-resolution digital images
  • • A description of each image, including title, medium and size.
  • • A summary of the assignment that lead to each production and/or the objective of each sample.

Drama Portfolio

In addition to General Portfolio items, drama students must submit samples representative of each of these areas:


  • • Provide a short media file with clips of monologues, scenes, or stage combat
  • • If possible, include still photos from productions, labeled with show title, character portrayed, venue, and date(s) of performance.


  • • Brief description of directorial style and concept summary for each production
  • • Still photos illustrating blocking, proxemics, visual metaphor, and special challenges
  • • Copies of rehearsal schedules, scene divisions, cast handouts, and favorable reviews


  • • Include a brief statement of concept, preparatory work, final renderings, and photos of completed designs.

Technical Theater

  • • Provide a short description of the construction process (including materials and tools)
  • • Present process photos and a final photo of the project under show lighting, if possible.

Writing Samples

When presenting theatre history or dramaturgy writing samples, include:

  • • The revised paper (with all corrections completed)
  • • A brief description of the assignment
  • • A copy of a dramaturgical note in a program or photos of a lobby display, when applicable.

Music Portfolio

In addition to General Portfolio items, music students must submit:

  • • At least three research papers with bibliographies, completed in upper-level music courses (must be submitted in electronic format as a Microsoft Word document and include graphics, audio clips and accompanying PowerPoint presentation, if applicable).
  • • A brief explanation of each writing assignment mentioned above
  • • Representative samples of music theory coursework, such as composed and notated songs or independent projects. MIDI and FINALE files may satisfy this requirement.

Performance Studies Portfolio

Include audio and/or video samples of this work, for example:

  • • Clips of public or classroom performances
  • • MIDI clips of compositions
  • • Clips of composed works performed by others

BAFA Salon Information:

The BAFA Salon, which takes place each fall and spring semester, is a forum for students and faculty to educate, instruct, and display talents for one another as well as friends and family. Each student who submits a portfolio will participate in the showcase.

Individual exhibitions include an 8- to 10-minute oral presentation focused on special projects in the student’s area of concentration. Possible formats include:

  • • Display of studio art projects with explanation of goals and influences
  • • Performance of a monologue or short scene
  • • Musical performance
  • • Reading of a research paper
  • • Other formats as approved by BAFA faculty


BAFA Salon - Azar Rejaie • S-1081 • 713-222-5300

Music - Yvonne Kendall • S-1023 • 713-226-5237

Art History - Susan Baker • N-1053 • 713-226-5298 and Azar Rejaie • S-1081 • 713-222-5300

Studio Art - Mark Cervenka • N-327 • 713-221-8043

Drama - Tom Lyttle • S-1053 • 713-221-8118 • and Frank Vella • S-10?? • 713-221-8233

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