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Sigma Delta Pi, National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society banner

About Sigma Delta Pi

Founded in 1914, Sigma Delta Pi is a national honors society devoted to students of Spanish in four-year colleges and universities. The organization is the largest foreign-language honor society accredited by the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS), the nation’s only governing body of its kind.

Sigma Delta Pi offers its members a growing scholarship program, graduate research grants, and community service opportunities. Chapters meet and share information through regional symposia and the society’s national conference.

Students receive invitations to apply from the co-sponsors of Sigma Delta Pi OR nominate themselves by sending an e-mail to Dr. Raquel Chiquillo for consideration.

Membership Requirements

Pre-requisites for potential candidates for Sigma Delta Pi must meet are the following:
1. Junior status.
2. Have a minimum 3.0 GPA in their Spanish sclasses
3. Have a minimum 3.2 overall UHD GPA.
4. Completion of upper-level culture OR literature course
5. Be an enthusiastic promoter and supporter of Hispanic culture.

Upon nomination, students must submit:

  • • A copy of a transcript from each institution attended
  • • A $25.00 membership fee plus a $5 initiation ceremony fee
  • • A Membership Application Form

Courses that Qualify for Membership

Remember that candidates applying to Sigma Delta Pi must have taken and completed either an upper-level culture class in Spanish or an upper-level literature class in Spanish.

  • SPAN 3324 Neighbors and Trading Partners: People, Culture and Trade in Spanish America
  • SPAN 3380 Culture and Civilization of Spain
  • SPAN 3385 Introduction to Hispanic Film
  • SPAN 4390 Special Topic in Spanish: Latin American Culture
  • SPAN 4390 Special Topic in Spanish: Sociolinguistics
  • SPAN 3340 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • SPAN 3342 Hispanic Literature in the U.S.
  • SPAN 4340 Survey of Spanish Literature from the Middle Ages to 1700
  • SPAN 4342 Survey of Spanish-American Literature from Columbus to Independence
  • SPAN 4343 Survey of Spanish-American Literature from Modernismo to the Present
  • PED 3314 Children’s Literature in Spanish

Students must turn in by the deadline: a UHD transcript (if the student transferred to UHD from another institution, they must turn in a copy of those transcripts as well), and the $25.00 membership fee (includes the certificate and the pin) plus a $5.00 fee to help with the cost of the initiation ceremony.

Expectations of Membership

Each member of Sigma Delta Pi is expected to:

  • Come to all meetings of Sigma Delta Pi.
  • Be willing to serve as an officer if needed.
  • Help spread the word and encourage students to apply.
  • Participate in 2-3 events (whether to promote the Society, to fund-raise or to promote Hispanic culture) per semester.

Benefits of Membership

  • • Access to study abroad scholarship awards and graduate research grants
  • • Leadership opportunities through election to chapter offices and project committees
  • • Special rates on insurance through Geico
  • • A supportive network of regional and national officers who provide professional guidance
  • • Opportunities for out-of-class interaction with faculty

En Español


  • • Tener un promedio de 3.0 en los cursos de español
  • • Tener un promedio de 3.2 en UHD (overall GPA)
  • • Ser estudiante de tercer año.
  • • Haber tomado y terminado una clase de literatura a nivel superior O una clase de cultura a nivel superior (3000 o 4000).
  • • Estar dispuestos a colaborar en los eventos del capítulo, y a participar en la ceremonia de iniciación si llegan a ser oficiales.


  • • Ser reconocido por su excelente trabajo en sus estudios por esta sociedad de honor – la única que reconoce a los estudiantes universitarios a nivel nacional.
  • • Solicitar becas para estudiar en otros países.
  • • Solicitar becas para hacer investigación para los estudiantes graduados.
  • • Ayudar a crear algo permanente en su universidad – por ejemplo fundar una beca para estudiantes de UHD.
  • • Oportunidad de tener desarrollar su capacidad como líder y mostrar su liderazgo.
  • • Oportunidad de ser reconocido con honores y premios al nivel individual y de capítulo.
  • • Una cuota más baja para su seguro de carro con Geico.
  • • Hacer más amistades y trabajar con otros estudiantes y con la facultad.
  • • ver


$25.00 más $5.00 para ayudar con el costo de la ceremonia de iniciación.

Contactar a la Dra. Raquel Chiquillo ( o al Dr. William Nowak (, y entregar la solicitud ANTES DEL 10 de OCTUBRE DE 2014, si les interesa y/o quieren solicitar.

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