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History and Description

Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society (La Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispánica), was established on November 14, 1919, at the University of California Berkeley.  The Society's insignia is the royal seal of Fernando and Isabel, representing Castille, León and Aragón.  Sigma Delta Pi's colors are red and gold, its flower is the red carnation, and its motto is the Greek phrase "Spanías Didagéi Proágomen" meaning "Let's go forth/continue forth under the teaching/guidance of the Spanish language." The national headquarters is located at the College of Charleston in South Carolina.

With the guidance of such notable Hispanists as S. Griswold Morley, Elijah C. Hills, Rudolph Schevill, Leavitt O. Wright, William Berrien, John D. Fitz-Gerald, Tomás Navarro Tomás, José Martel, Archer M. Huntington, John T. Reid, Stuart M. Gross, James O. Swain, F. Dewey Amner, Carl A. Tyre, T. Earle Hamilton, Dolores Brown, Richard E. Chandler, Ignacio R.M. Galbis, John H. LaPrade, Mark P. Del Mastro and Germán D. Carrillo, the Society has expanded its activities and now has over 570 chapters in 49 states.

The following reveal the diverse nature of the colleges and universities that form the Sigma Delta Pi family: the University of Notre Dame, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The Citadel, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Hawaii, Oral Roberts University, the University of Texas at Austin, Hood College, Brigham Young University, Truman State University, the College of William and Mary, Howard University, Friends University, Georgia Southern University, California State University San Marcos, Auburn University and the University of Wyoming.

In order to serve its many chapters optimally, the Society has a National President, an Executive Director, and five Regional Vice Presidents.  All but the Executive Director are nominated and elected by the active chapter members.  The Society is governed by an Executive Council consisting of the seven aforementioned officials, the Immediate Past President, the Presidents Emeriti and one Executive Committee Member-at-Large.  The sponsor of the chapter, preferably chosen by the student members, but sometimes appointed by the department head, is of the utmost importance, for his/her wisdom, imagination and dedication largely determine the success of the local branch of the Society.

Membership Requirements

Pre-requisites for potential candidates for Sigma Delta Pi must meet are the following:
1. Be a junior or in the third year of Spanish courses.
2. Have a minimum 3.0 GPA in their Spanish sclasses (this is NOT overall GPA).
3. Have a minimum 3.2 overall UHD GPA.
4. Have taken and finished an upper level culture OR literature class.
5. Be an enthusiastic promoter and supporter of Hispanic culture.

Students must turn in by the deadline: a UHD transcript (if the student transferred to UHD from another institution, they must turn in a copy of those transcripts as well), and the $25.00 membership fee (includes the certificate and the pin) plus a $5.00 fee to help with the cost of the initiation ceremony.

Students may be invited to apply to Sigma Delta Pi by the co-sponsors OR they may also nominate themselves by sending an e-mail to Dr. Raquel Chiquillo or Dr. William Nowak and asking to be considered.

Expectations of Active Members:
1. Come to all meetings of Sigma Delta Pi.
2. Be willing to serve as an officer if needed.
3. Help spread the word and encourage students to apply.
4. Participate in 2-3 events (whether to promote the Society, to fund-raise or to promote Hispanic culture) per semester.

SIGMA DELTA PI (La Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispánica) invita a solicitar membrecía en el capítulo Psi Chi de la Universidad de Houston-Downtown. SIGMA DELTA PI es una sociedad honoraria y de servicio a la comunidad. Los miembros deben asistir a un evento por semestre.


  • Un GPA (promedio) en las clases de español de 3.0 (mínimo).
  • Un GPA (promedio) en UHD de 3.2 (mínimo).
  • Haber tomado y terminado una clase de literatura al nivel 3000+ o una clase de cultura al nivel 3000+ (en español).
  • Tener ganas de participar y planificar eventos en el campus de UHDque promuevan la herencia y la cultura hispana/latina!!
  • Estar presente en la ceremonia de iniciación que será el sábado 16 de noviembre en UHD a las 2:30pm de la tarde. Este requisito no se puede cambiar ni se puede modificar. Si no está presente y toma parte en la ceremonia de iniciación, no puede ser miembro de Sigma Delta Pi.


  • $25.00 costo de la membrecía, y $5.00 para cubrir el costo de la ceremonia de iniciación. Un total de $30.00, puede pagarlo en cheque on en efectivo, a la Dra. Raquel Chiquillo
  • Una copia no official de su transcript en UHD.
  • Si transfirió a UHD, una copia no oficial de su transcript de todas las universidades a las que haya asistido antes de tomar clases en UHD.
  • El formulario de solicitud, que se le puede mandar por correo electrónico o imprimirlo y dárselo en persona a la Dra. Raquel Chiquillo,
  • Ultima fecha de entrega de todo: 1 de noviembre, 2013.

    • Un certificado y un pin. Poder usar un “cordon de honor” al graduarse de UHD.
    • Ser miembro significa que usted está entre los mejores estudiantes de español en UHD!
    • La posibilidad de solicitar becas para estudiar en el extranjero.
    • Descuentos en el costo del seguro del carro através de Geico.
    • La oportunidad de servir a la Sociedad siendo oficial del capítulo: presidente, vice-presidente, tesorero/a, secretario/a y ejercitar su capacidad de liderazgo.
    • Promover la cultura hispana/latina para el orgullo de todos.
    • La posibilidad de presentar en una sesión de la conferencia anual de la Sociedad Americana de Profesores de Español y Portugués sobre los eventos que el capítulo planificó y que tuvieron éxito.
    • Para más información, ver


    Membership Application Form

    Our active members (students):
    Cessia Cruz
    Víctor Flores
    Rose Mata
    Roberto Sánchez
    Maidelín Suárez

    Professors who are members:
    Dr. Edwin Padilla
    Dr. William Nowak
    Dr. Raquel Chiquillo

    Professors who are members:
    Dr. Reynaldo Romero
    Dr. Paul Mandell
    Prof. Marvis Ksilgore
    Dr. Montse Feu-López
    Dr. Albert de Jesús Rivera
    Dr. Carmen García

    Faculty Sponsors:
    Dr. Raquel Chiquillo (
    Dr. William Nowak (


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