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Inaugural Resident Scholar - Dr. Brittney Cooper

Photograph of Dr. Dr. Brittney Cooper In January 2014, Dr. Cooper presented a public lecture titled "When Blackness Was in Vogue: Intersectionality and Post-Racial Politics". Dr Cooper asserts, "Increasingly, academics who study race charge themselves and others to move "beyond the Black/White binary," when thinking about contemporary operations of race and racism. This talk considers what calls for transcending or moving beyond the binary mean. It seems to mean in many cases that folks are tired of talking about blackness, but never tired of talking about whiteness. Thus this talk drives to the heart of these debates, to understand what we really mean when we say we are "post-racial," and how debates over the continued usefulness of intersectionality are implicated in the project of transcending Black identity."

Dr. Cooper addressed an audience of 200 faculty, students, and visitors.

Serie MacDougal Presentation

This presentation explores the historical approaches and current barriers to conducting valid life affirming and emancipatory research on people of African descent. This presentation also looks at some important factors that will contribute to the creation of more valid research on people of African descent. Special attention is given to the approaches to explaining the lives of people of African descent in the discipline of Africana Studies. Dr. Serie McDougal is a co-founder of