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CHSS Winter Trip

Jan. 6, 2012

small blue arrow Christian Smallwood - Mystery Dessert video (AVI)

Jennifer Bloomingkemper and Heidy Orellana - Renga for Street Food

I smell your offer
From down the beaten sidewalk
I yearn for the taste

Unusual forms of food
Take me on your bright journey

I see you floating
In the clear and hot bubble
Of the noodle bath

Are you tofu or fish like?
Will you be hard or chewy?

The hot oil bubbles
As the shrimp take their plunge in
Create my delight
Vinegar or soy sauce base
Which one makes my heart race

The crunchy veggies
Music to my hunger pang
I sauce you with love

Oyster pancake sizzle soon
For the table is set now

Stinky tofu I
Cannot do you, I have tried
Nose and mouth disagree

Spice is abundant and yet
No where to be found

Eat just once more the
Samples of the sea and land
That fill the streets smoke





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