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CHSS Winter Trip

UHD students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences traveled to Taipei and Tainan, Taiwan from Dec. 29, 2012 through Jan. 9, 2013. Read about their adventures as they explore night markets, temples, monuments, museums and karaoke bars, writing about it all as they go. Experience their joy as they gather among hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese to welcome in the New Year with fireworks under a full moon in the amazing city of Taipei. Follow them day by day as they travel the country, meeting students from the National University of Tainan, sharing with them and with others the pleasure of cultural exchange.

Jan. 8, 2013

Leroy Adams - Sad day but with an Epiphany!
As the day nears close my anguish grows. I am convinced that I can no longer just accept a mundane residence in America. I must continue to venture out, I must continue to explore if I allow my wings to enclose I fear that there they will remain, wrapped in the residual stress and depression of what you feel you have to do. Instead I am determined to live my life the way I want, to explore the world beyond the boundaries of the four American walls, I am determined to do what I want to do. To enjoy life is one’s own attempt at doing what one finds enjoyable. What you find enjoyable and not what the world tells you should or can enjoy. I've found what I enjoy and it returns no pain or sorrow instead liberation and clarity. I don't believe that you can truly understand who you are in life until you've lived outside of the bubble that you're so accustomed to, be it a career, school or self-restriction. Writing this right now I'm fighting back my tears because I look back on my trip and I think about the moments that gave me the presence to write this and all I want is to relive those moments over and over.

Leroy Adams' image of ocen and beach

Jennifer Bloomingkemper – For Hualien
Like water from a vine leaf
you roll down gracefully and with great intent
you roll a mighty force with you
like a wave crashing over me
remembering the beach
of which a rebirth awakened the soul
and the girl smiles once again

Haulien i mountain beach and shore line

Jennifer Bloomingkemper - Haikus for Taroko Gorge
Taste the land and mist
I see your hidden beauty

Hualien 0 bridge over stream

Nine turns of the bridge
Swallow’s Grotto can baptize
The soul of any man

Haulien - road - bridge, gorge

The heart of Asia
My spiritual playground
You answered my call

UHD students on the beach

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