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Michael G. Duncan

(713) 226-5576

Educational Background:
Ph.D., Composition Studies, University of Memphis, 2009
M.A., Professional Writing, University of Memphis, 2005
B.A., Media Arts, University of Arizona, 1998

Teaching and Research Interests: Rhetorical theory & criticism, style, ethics, history of rhetoric, editing, grammar, professional writing genres, biblical studies, early Christian rhetoric

Professional Experience Outside of Academia:
Copyediting, Index editing, technical writing, web design


Duncan, Mike. “The New Christian Rhetoric of Origen.” Philosophy & Rhetoric 46.1 (2013): 88-104.

Duncan, Mike. “The Research Paper as Stylistic Exercise.” In The Centrality of Style, Ed. Mike Duncan and Star Medzerian Vanguri. West Layafette, ID: Parlor Press, 2013. 161-173.

Duncan, Mike. “The Curious Silence of the Dog and Paul of Tarsus: Revisiting the Argument from Silence.” Informal Logic 34.1 (2012): 83-97.

Duncan, Mike. “Polemical Ambiguity and the Composite Audience: Bush’s September 20, 2001 speech to Congress and the Epistle of 1 John.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly 41.5 (2011): 455-471.

Duncan, Mike. “Questioning the Auditory Sublime: A Multisensory-Organic Approach to Prose Rhythm.” JAC (Journal of Rhetoric, Politics, and Culture) 31.3-4 (2011): 579-608.

Duncan, Mike. “Whatever Became of the Paragraph?” College English 69.5 (2007): 470-495. Rpt. in Style in Composition and Rhetoric: A Critical Sourcebook. Ed. Paul Butler. Bedford St. Martin’s: Boston, 2009.

McCarthy, Phillip, and Adam Renner, Michael Duncan, Nicholas Duran, Erin Lightman, Danielle McNamara. “Identifying Topic Sentencehood.” Behavioral Research Methods 40.3 (2008): 647-664.

Photograph of Dr. Michael Duncan


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