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Bachelor of Arts in English

Degree Coordinator
Dr. S. Dahlberg
Room: S-1045C
Phone: (713) 221-8949

Degree Requirements for All English Majors

The English major requires a minimum of 120 hours. For degree completion, at least 25% of the semester credit hours must be earned through instruction offered by UHD. The last 30 of the total hours and 18 of the upper-level hours toward the degree must be successfully completed in residence at UHD. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 at UHD is required for graduation, and a minimum average of 2.0 must be maintained in the upper-level requirements.

Common Core Requirements (42 hours)
See listing under Common Core Requirements in the catalog.

Lower-Level Requirements (27 hours)
Foreign language in one language* (through Elementary II) (6 hours)

Fine Arts (3 hours)

Philosophy (6 hours)

Social Sciences (6 hours)

Literature (6 hours) - both halves of a survey of Western World, American, or British Literature

*Students bypassing foreign language classes because of placement must make up those hours in elective credits. Hours in excess of 3 for any FL course may be applied toward a free elective.

Upper-Level Requirements (36 hours)

ENG 3311 Studies in Poetry (3 hours)

ENG 3312 Studies in Fiction (3 hours)

ENG 3313 Studies in Dramatic Literature (3 hours)

Literature/Theory (15 – 21 hours)

At least one course must be at the 43XX level.

Writing/English language (6 - 12 hours)

May include Essay Writing, Creative Writing, writing workshops, History of Rhetoric, Studies in the Theory of Rhetoric, Studies in English Grammar, Introduction to the Study of Language, History of the English Language, or upper-level courses in professional writing.

ENG 4098 English Portfolio. Required in semester of graduation (0 hours)

Electives (15 hours)

From any department at any level, with the following restrictions: Developmental courses (ENG 1300 and below, MATH 0300, MATH 1300, and RDG 1300 and below) may not apply to graduation requirements. No more than 25% of the hours presented for graduation may be credits in business. Included among the electives should be a course (3 hours) in nonverbal analytical skills if this requirement is not fulfilled by an equivalent course in the lower-level or upper-level requirements.


In addition to the standard B.A. in English, students may choose to pursue three concentrations within the degree.

English Education: This concentration equips students with the content knowledge and teaching certification needed to teach high school and junior high English. Students graduating with this concentration will be prepared to earn Texas state certification.

Creative Writing: This concentration in the B.A. in English emphasizes the development of creative writing skills with workshops in poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and literary translation. The concentration allows students to practice their creativity with internships at UHD’s creative writing journal, The Bayou Review.

Film Studies: Students completing this concentration will have additional training in the formal analysis and historical study of film and video. Students will explore a variety of film genres from the silent era to the present.

Urban Education Teacher Certification


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