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English Department Minors

Minor in Creative Writing (18 hours minimum)

Minimum Requirements

  • A grade point average of 2.0.
  • A grade of at lest C in all courses applied to the minor.
  • Required courses (9 hours): ENG 3309, ENG 4309 and one of the following genre workshops: ENG 3343, ENG 3344, ENG 3345

Elective courses (9 hours):

A second genre workshop (ENG 3343, 3344, or ENG 3345) and/or a literature genre course (ENG 3311, ENG 3312, or ENG 3313) and/or one of the following upper-division courses:

  • ENG 3346 Introduction to Literary Translation
  • ENG 3332 Literary Magazine Production
  • DRA 3308 / HUM 3326 Playwriting
  • ENG 3330 Desktop Publishing
  • SPAN 3322 Spanish Translation

Minor in English (18 hours minimum)

  • Both halves of sophomore survey of Western World (ENG 2301 and 2302), American (ENG 2311 and 2312), or British Literature (ENG 2313 and 2314).
  • Three hours in one of the literature genre courses (ENG 3311, 3312, or 3313).

Upper-level electives (9 hours) selected in selected in consultation with an advisor from courses in Literature/Theory and/or Writing/English language.

Minor in Professional Writing (18 hours minimum)

  • ENG 3302 Business and Technical Report Writing
  • ENG 3330 Desktop Publishing ENG 4322 Editing, Rewriting and Copyreading

Upper-level electives (9 hours) in consultation with an advisor, courses selected from Professional Writing Core or “Other Requirements” in Professional Writing.


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