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Master of Science in Technical Communication

The Master of Science in Technical Communication (MSTC) is established on the firm foundation of our well-established undergraduate program in Professional Writing.

This MS program provides graduates with communication, design, and management skills based on the principles of rhetoric. Students gain publication and production skills, attain project management expertise, acquire an understanding of the ethical and global implications of professional communication, participate in research, conduct audience analyses and usability tests, and create websites and online help documents which address readers' needs. This MS program can be individually tailored via the selection of electives so that it is valuable for a range of candidates:

  • Professional writers seeking promotions to managerial positions or those interested in teaching technical writing in high schools or community colleges
  • Medical professionals seeking skills relevant to writing, editing, and delivering publishable research manuscripts, public health educational materials, ethical standards declarations, manuals, procedures, policies, and professional correspondence
  • Professionals in engineering, science, and technology who need to master the skills of managing multiple projects and writing results-oriented documents such as proposals, technical manuals, customer information materials, public relations announcements, corporate policies, procedures, training materials, and business-to-business communications
  • Public relations and corporate training professionals with the goal of expanding their employment options
  • Undergraduates interested in an applied master's level degree, either to increase their employability or to pursue a doctoral degree in technical communication

Inquiries may be addressed to the Office of Graduate Admissions.
Telephone: 713-221-8093.

MSTC Degree Coordinator
Natalia Matveeva, Ph.D.
(713) 222-5371

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Recommended for Careers in Marketing, Public Relations, Law, and Business:

  • ENG 6303: Public Relations & Media Management
  • ENG 6310: Intercultural & World Communication
  • ENG 6312: Ethical and Legal Dimensions of Communication
  • ENG 6322: Instructional Design
  • ENG 6324: Writing in the Professions
  • ENG 6328: Hypermedia Theory & Design
  • ENG 6330: Usability Research

Recommended for Careers in Medical, Scientific, Engineering, and Computer Fields:

  • ENG 6324: Writing in the Professions
  • ENG 6318: Stylistics & Editing
  • ENG 6322: Instructional Design
  • ENG 6323: Communications and Technology
  • ENG 6328: Hypermedia Theory & Design
  • ENG 6330: Usability Research
  • ENG 6360: Special Topics in Technical and Professional Communication (e.g., Medical Writing, Proposal Writing)

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