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Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing

Degree Coordinator
Dr. Joe Sample
(713) 226-5574

For internships, please contact Dr. Sample

The professional writing major requires a minimum of 120 hours. For degree completion, at least 25 percent of the semester credit hours must be earned through instruction offered by UH-Downtown. The last 30 of the total hours and 18 of the upper-level hours toward the degree must be successfully completed in residence at UH-Downtown. An overall minimum grade point average of 2.0 at UH-Downtown is required for graduation, and a minimum average of 2.0 must be maintained in the upper-level hours in the major.

All current PW students should register for a PW listserv to receive updates and announcements. Email the degree coordinator for the directions on how to register for the listserv.

Major in Professional Writing (120 Hours Minimum)

Common core requirements (42 hours)

See listing under General Education Requirements in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. COMM 3306 is recommended in fulfillment of the speech communication component.

Preparatory Requirements (9 hours)

Philosophy (3 hours Ethics) Upper Level elective (3 hours) Lower-level electives (3 hours)

Upper-Level Requirements (45 hours)

ENG 3302 Business and Technical Report Writing
ENG 3316 (History and Rhetoric) or ENG 3317 (Studies in the Theory of Rhetoric)
ENG 3330 Desktop Publishing
ENG 3331 Advanced Desktop Publishing or ENG 3335 Publishing for the Web
ENG 4099 Professional Writing Portfolio. Required in semester of graduation (0 hours)
ENG 4322 Editing, Rewriting and Copyreading (prerequisite ENG 3318) (3 hours)
ENG 4380 Field Experience

Other Requirements (27 hours)

Select 7-9 writing or publishing courses (21-27 hours) from:
ENG 3304 Advanced Business and Technical Report Writing
ENG 3308 Legal Writing
ENG 3325 Medical Writing
ENG 3326 Proposal Writing
ENG 3328 Documentation and Manuals
ENG 3329 Environmental Writing
ENG 3331 Advanced Desktop Publishing or ENG 3335 Web Publishing
ENG 3333 Writing for the Media
ENG 3334 Writing for Presentation
ENG 3336 Writing for the Web
ENG 3342 Organizational Publications
ENG 3371 Public Relations
ENG 3373 Introduction to Advertising
ENG 4306 Science Writing
ENG 4323 Feature Writing for Business and Industry
ENG 4360 Publications Workshop

Select 0 - 2 language and writing courses (0-6 hours) from:
ENG 3305 Essay Writing
ENG 3309 Creative Writing
ENG 3316 History of Rhetoric or 3317 Studies in the Theory of Rhetoric
ENG 3318 Studies in English Grammar (prerequisite for ENG 4322 Editing, Rewriting and Copyreading).
ENG 3319 Introduction to the Study of Language
ENG 3320 History of the English Language
ENG 4309 Advanced Creative Writing
ENG 4318 Advanced Studies in English Grammar and Style
ENG 4680 Extended Field Experience (4680 covers core requirement for 4380 Field Experience. May not take 4380 and 4680).

Electives (24 hours)

Lower- or upper-level electives. Electives are an important part of the degree program and should be selected in consultation with an academic advisor. A 24-hour block of electives may allow you to obtain a minor outside of Professional Writing.

Minor in Professional Writing (18 hours minimum)

Required Courses (9 hours)

ENG 3302 Business and Technical Report Writing
ENG 3330 Desktop Publishing
ENG 4322 Editing, Rewriting and Copyreading

Upper-Level Electives (9 Hours)

In consultation with an advisor, courses selected from Professional Writing Core or "Other Requirements" in Professional Writing.


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