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The English Department now offers a listserv for anyone interested in learning more about issues, events, and information relevant to the English major or minor. This listserv sends out regular updates on events, both on and off campus, that may be of interest to students in department courses, information on upcoming courses and news about the department and major, and reminders of degree deadlines and other important dates of which students should be aware. The listserv is not limited to English majors and minors; it is open to anyone affiliated with UHD (students, faculty, or staff) who is interested in receiving information related to the study of English.

Subscribers to the listserv can both read and post to the list and are expected to follow the basic rules of netiquette ( All posts should be relevant to the central theme of the listserv, which is information which might be of interest to English students. Minor violations of these rules will receive a warning from the listserv moderator. Repeated minor violations or any major violation of the rules of netiquette will result in the listserv member being unsubscribed from the listserv.

To subscribe to the English Department's English Student Information List, please point your browser to:

Click on the link for "UHD-ENGLISH_STUDENTS-L" and fill in the form to "Join or Leave the UHD-ENGLISH_STUDENTS-L List." You will receive an automated email informing you of your successful subscription to the listserv.

Have a question, comment, or problem? Contact the listserv moderator, Dr. Caroline Kimberly, at or


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