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Introduction, 9:00-9:15 am - Auditorium

Lunch, 12:45-1:30 pm, Buffalo Bayou
Research Posters on AIDS (Mark Abiera, Andrew Banister, Laura Gonzalez, Luis Nieves, Valerie Rodriguez, Bernadette Soule, Julian Staehely, Stephanie Vargas)

Keynote Speaker, 1:30-2:30 pm, Auditorium
Dr. Erin Mari Morales-Williams: “Tough Love: Black Feminist Research Praxis from the Inside Out”

Session A, 9:15-10:15 am

1: It’s #TimetoTalk: Breaking the Silence on Sexual and Domestic Violence
Room: White Oak
Moderator: Dr. Claude Rubinson, UHD, Sociology

“Can Clothes Speak”
Vanessa Maza, Lee College

“Sexual and Domestic Violence: Call to Action”
Cynthia Pizana, Lee College, Biology

“Sexual Harassment”
Enely Alanis, Lee College

“Domestic Violence”
Abigail Lopez, Lee College

2: Exploring Gender in Watercolor
Room: Buffalo Bayou

Moderator: Arthur Vallejo, UHD, Psychology

"Boy Loved Birds: The Jew and the Catholic” & “The Cracked Smile of a Girl"
Milo Falcon, UHD, Mathematics

“’Toys’ Training Girls to Become Housewives” & “Gender Inequality in a Male Dominated World”
Monica Hernandez, UHD, Psychology

“Panel 1 – Banned” & “Panel 2 – Goodbye.”
Gabriel Morales, UHD, Fine Arts

“At Your Best You Are Love”
Jessica Flores, UHD

3: Gender, Literature and Education,
Room: Houston
Moderator: Bill Jack Davis, UHD, Pyschology

“Life, Death, Sexuality, and Resurrection: The Transcendent Transsexuality of Children in Literature”
Novella Brooks de Vita. TSU, Education

"Power, Spirit and the Quest for Autonomy in African Diaspora Women’s Literature"
Jennifer Julian, TSU, English

“Rational Blindness of the African Descent Male in the Bildungsroman”
James Ford
TSU, English

Session B: 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.

1: Imitation, Passing, and Success on Screen and Stage
Room: White Oak
Moderator: Dr. Raquel Chiquiilo, UHD, Spanish

“Depictions of Female Success in the Two Film Versions of Imitation of Life”
Kelly Syle UHD, Interdisciplinary Studies EC-6


“The Narrative of Passing (On): Death, Race, and Color in Imitation of Life”
John Williams, UHD


"Of Two Worlds and None at All: Mixed-Race Daughters in Belle and Imitation of Life"
Carolyn Adams, UHD, Humanities


"Public Art, Concealed Inspiration: Moral Conformity, Self-Denial, and Sexual Orientation in the Theater of the Harlem Renaissance"
Amanda Trinity & Ralph Bradley, UHD (Trinity – Fine Arts; Bradley – Political Science)


2: Tragic Intersections: Exploring Race, Gender, and Class in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye
Room: Buffalo Bayou Room
Moderator: Dr. Vida Robertson, UHD, English


"It takes One to Know One: Cholly Breedlove's Quest to be a Strong Black Man"

Wanda Fortson, UHD, History


"Sleeping with the Enemy: Claudia MacTeer and her Epic Battle Against Barbie"

Ashley Lawson, UHD, Psychology


"The Perfect Servant: Pauline Breedlove's Crippling Desire to be Maid Over"
Lindsay Ware, UHD, English and Philosophy


3: Confronting Inequality in Financial, Social, and Educational Services
Room: Houston Room
Moderator: Evelyn Ballard, UHD, Political Science


“Unequal Opportunity for Home Ownership: The Bias against Black Women in Mortgage Lending Practices”
Christal Eve Sublett, UHD, Sociology


“Fears about Psychotherapy Use among Mothers: The Impact of Ethnicity and Attitudes on Reluctance to Seek Help”
Jonathan Otero. UHD, Psychology


“Addressing the Challenges Faced by Female ESL Students in STEM in Collaborative Settings”
Shanna Daniels, UHD, Biology


“Women, Advertising, and Sexuality in the 1920s”
Robert Turner Johnston , UHD, History

Session C: 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
1: Traditional and Revolutionary Gender Roles in Myth, Literature, and Film
Room: White Oak
Moderator: Dr. Elizabeth Hatfield, UHD, Communications

“Femininity and Masculinity in Greek Mythology: Portrayal of Gender and Gender Stereotypes in Modern Society”
Alexandria Carter & Reynaldo Cienfuegos, UHD (Carter – English; Cienfuegos – English)


“Undefined/Undiscovered Gender Roles during Adolescence in Joyce’s “Araby” and Updike’s “A&P”
Stephanie Alba, UHD, English


“A Brave New World? Challenging and Reinforcing Gender Norms in Science Fiction"

Jennifer Mathews, UHD, Professional Writing


2: Writing Gender: Poetry, Prose, and Power
Room: Houston Room

Moderator: Dr. Jane Creighton, UHD, English


“Pout: Poems in the Colors of Lipstick”
Rachel Lee, UH, Creative Writing


“Latina/Chicano Representations”
Virginia Gomez, UHD, Criminal Justice


“A Poem on Power”
Trinity Bouldwin, UHD, Communications


“The Price for Being Colored: A Slave Narrative”
James Wilson, UHD, Chemistry


“The Urgency of Feminism”
Amanda Salvador, UHD, History

Session D: 2:45-3:45 p.m.
1: Costumes and Stories: Gender Performance and Marlene Dietrich
Room: Buffalo Bayou
Moderator: Dr. Johanna Schmertz, UHD, English

“Josef von Sternberg: The Male Gaze”
Darby Brady, UHD, English

“The Fallacy of Predetermined Gender Identity: Marlene Dietrich and Morocco (1930)”
Randy Krinsky, UHD, English


“Dietrich, Sternberg and Burlesque: Drawing the Gaze through Concealment”
Allison Horner, UHD, Interdisciplinary Studies


“The Courtship Story as Transitional Object in the Film Blond Venus
Lydian Lopez, UHD, English


“Marlene Dietrich: Manipulating Fetishistic Voyeurism”
Fariba Arabghani, UHD, English


2: Gender in Fairy Tales
Room: White Oak

Moderator: Dr. Tammis Thomas, UHD, English


“From ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ to the Horrors of ‘The Bloody Red Rose’”
Eisha Kahn, UHD, Political Science


‘Sarah White’: Femininity after Grimm’s ‘Snow White’”
Kayla Birch, UHD, Biology


"Saving Rumpelstiltskin: A Boy Who Was Never a Boy”
Magge Nunez, UHD, Psychology


“The Boy Who Could Spin Gold”
Leonardo Banda, UHD, Physics


3: Religious Influences on Gender Construction
Room: Houston
Moderator: Dr. Sucheta Choudhuri, UHD, English

“Religious Rhetoric and the Performance of Gender Roles in Macbeth”

Nicole Starch, UHD, MARC


“Comparing the Persona versus the Reality of Gender Norms in the 17th Century and the 21st Century”
Angela Vang,UHD, Chemistry


“How Do I Tell Her: A Lyrical Look at Religious Traditions and the Coming of Age of Hispanic Women”
Stephany Sanchez-Jimenez, UHD, English


“Equality: A Poetic Perspective on the Complementary Aspects of Male and Female Elements in Nature”
Lauren Taylor Steffan, UHD, Communications

Session E: 4:00-5:00 p.m.
1: Fighting Gender Bias in School, Business, and the Military
Room: Houston
Moderator: Dr. Sara Farris, UHD, English

“Gender Bias in Schools, and Its Effects”
Aracely Garcia, UHD, Political Science


“Reproducing Sexism: Sexualization in Men’s and Women’s Magazines”
Veronica Ruiz, UHD, Sociology


“Gender Discrimination in the Military”
Jennifer Roberts, UHD, Psychology


“Women’s Invasion of the Military”
Yadira Gamez:, UHD, English


2: Performing Sex and Race on Big and Small Screens
Room: Buffalo Bayou

Moderator: Dr. Jane Creighton, UHD, English


“Blonde Venus: Social Constructs Regarding Women”
Cassandra Rodriguez, UHD


“Understatement and Voices of Women: Analyzing Big-Headed Sexuality”
Kimberly Goshey, Prairie View A&M, English


"Gender at the World’s End: Rethinking Gender Roles in Post-Apocalyptic Fiction and Film”
Ryan Aivalis, UHD, Business


“Media Representation of Black Women”
Olufunmilola Subulade, UHD, Psychology


3: Negotiated Identities, Mediated Cultures: Women Working in Between
Room: White Oak

Moderator: Dr. Merrilee Cunningham, UHD, English


“Woman as Cultural Mediator in Colonial America: The Historiography of Mary Musgrove”
Megan Brannon-Reese, UHD, MARC


“Identity Negotiation of Immigrant South Asian Indian Women on Dependent Visa Status”
Praveena Lakshmanan, UH, Sociology


“Fluidity: The Art of Gender Experimentation”
Aisha Bouderdaben, UH, Communications and Art


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