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Department of Arts & Humanities

Photograph of Carrie Allen

African-American sacred song, country music, race, and regional identity.

“The students’ diverse backgrounds and life-experiences seem to make them more receptive to learning about new styles of music and the historical context of those styles. It’s also fun to teach music courses in a city with such a vibrant and multicultural musical landscape; students can attend diverse musical events and conduct research on a variety of rich local music cultures.

Department of English

Photograph of 
Sucheta M. Choudhuri

Postcolonial theory, gender and sexuality studies, South Asian studies, literature of diaspora and exile

“UHD’s focus on teaching, its diverse student population and its ongoing growth as an institution make it an exciting place for faculty members like me.”

Department of Arts & Humanities

Photograph of Edmund Cueva

Area of specialization is the ancient novel, with additional interests in mythology, comparative religion, and the occult in ancient literature.
“It is a wonderful time to be part of UHD! Moreover, it is a pleasure to have such talented colleagues, gifted students, and dedicated staff.”

Department of English

Photograph of Adam Ellwanger

Rhetorical theory related to ethics, reconciliation, and public discourse.

“The students here engage their studies in a spirit that I have not encountered anywhere else; they seem especially goal-driven and they are in school because they want to be. The recognition that you still have much to learn is the foundation for a liberating education, and I’m eager to do what I can to help students achieve their goals.”

Department of Arts & Humanities

Photograph of Toni Siriko Hoang

Health communication as it relates to threat and efficacy, social support, and aging.

“As an alumna, I take special pride in returning to UHD as a member of the faculty. I thrive on the opportunity to be involved in the development of students in their academic, professional, and personal lives. I also value what I learn about communication from students’ lived experiences.”

Department of Arts & Humanities

Photograph of Kate Roark

American Theatre history, particularly American character types and racial identity in the nineteenth century.

“One of the things that really excited me about teaching at UHD was being a part of the new Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (BAFA) degree, which offers students a unique and exceptionally well-rounded education in the arts as well as essential business skills. I have been delighted to see this new major growing so fast and impressed by the creativity, skill, and ingenuity demonstrated by the students in my classes and on stage in Ain't Misbehavin' last semester! Bravo!

Department of Social Sciences

Photograph of S. DeFrietas

How ethnicity impacts education, academically at risk youth, and first generation college students.

“There are a number of reasons why I love being at UHD but the factor that stands out is that it is so wonderful to teach students who are so enthusiastic about learning and represent such a diverse range of ideas, cultures, and lifestyles. I’m not only teaching here—I am learning a lot too.”

New Faculty 2009 - 2010


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