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About the Department of Social Sciences

Social Sciences is an interdisciplinary department where faculty teach courses and conduct research in anthropology, geography, history, philosophy, political science, pre-law, psychology and sociology. In addition, we offer interdisciplinary classes in social sciences and a collaborative program in military science with UH. We offer three Bachelor of Arts degrees (History, Philosophy and Social Sciences), and four Bachelor of Science degrees (Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Social Sciences).

Educational Philosophy

We believe in the importance of students’ educational and professional growth both inside and outside of the classroom. We recognize the diversity of goals in our student body so our degree programs strive to provide students with:

  • • a variety of opportunities to think deeply and critically about human society and relationships,
  • • a readiness for graduate and professional school, and
  • • job skills relevant to their career aspirations.

All programs provide a strong, broad-based background in the liberal arts, which we see as a requirement in an ever-changing global social and political environment.

Community Connection

Community-based research and public service - essential components of the department’s mission - constitute integral parts of each degree, all of which are designed to develop skills in research and analysis. Furthermore, we strongly encourage our students to engage in internships for course credit, volunteer service activities or other degree-related work experiences in which classroom theories can be applied to real-life problems.

Drop Down Contacts

Department Chair

Jeffrey Jackson, Ph.D.
N-1009B, (713) 221-2793

Degree & Internship Coordinators

Theresa Case, Ph.D.
(713) 221-8958

Political Science
David Branham, Ph.D.
(713) 221-8208

Andrew Pavelich, Ph.D.
(713) 221-8094

Stephanie Babb, Ph.D.
(713) 223-7918

Joanna Kaftan,Ph.D.

Internship Coordinator
Susan Henney, Ph.D.
(713) 221-8163

Internship Coordinator
All Other Degrees

David Branham, Ph.D.
(713) 221-8208

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