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Organization Name
Team of Champions Foundation


Organization Description

The Team of Champions Foundation is proud to promote, guide and monitor the usage of the Team of Champions model for students and adults across the United States. Through the national foundation’s development of the model, on-going research of the model and on-going support of participants in the model, significant results have been achieved. The model has been shown to provide an effective framework for enabling all individuals to cope successfully within their world and the world that is at first unfamiliar to them. The model allows individuals to use their gifts to shine and the lessons learned to share with others. This framework is a result of individuals needs and addresses the most significant deficits that stand in the way of individual enlightenment and success. Therefore the framework teaches individuals to share and work as a team, to find their success starting with their own multiple intelligence foundation, and to survive in a world of obstacles and odds. By completing these goals, individuals will automatically gain championship spirit and leave an individual and team legacy, which will lead to a cycle of success, thereby igniting the championship spirit of others. The model is adjustable to all levels with appropriate depth and concentration from elementary activities to in depth focus on reaching goals as teens and adults. Staying in school, becoming literate and maintaining literacy, avoiding incarceration and suicidal tendencies, developing positive relationships, team identity and physical and mental health are just some of goals started at the elementary level with activities progressing to more focused complex activities and small groups sessions for middle, high school and adults.

Description of Internship
Interns have the responsibility to first know and understand the Team of Champions Model. This is done through training by an educational consultant. They have to know the usage of the model as professional development for their growth and for use with the students. Secondly, they must know educational strategies in which to use to implement the model with their students. They get a good idea of the differences in students through Howard’s Gardner’s Multipline Intelligence Theory. Working in teams and developing their ability to work together, they plan the lessons based on the model and design ways to individually adapt their model to their group. Their responsibility also includes presenting and facilitating their lesson to the group and giving feedback to their team leader and educational consultant. Finally, they must find a way to present skills learned by students and statistically chart some growth.

Criteria for Interns

Interns must be dependable, on time, able to communicate well with both adults and students in grades Pre-K thru 8 th grade, education/psychology majors would be great, ability to be creative in areas such as arts/crafts, able to write lesson plans as they relate to the T.O.C. model, able to speak foreign language is great, must have own transportation, must be flexible.

Contact Name
Lydia Thomas

Contact Number

cell: 713.825.7572
office: 713.734.0291


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