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Organization Name
Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults
The Children's Crisis Care Center Clinical Program

2525 Murworth
Houston, Texas 77054

Organization Description
Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults Mission Statement:

To better the lives of children and adults in Harris County
HCPS mission is to:

This multidisciplinary assessment center, located at 2525 Murworth in Houston, Texas, is a partnership between public and private organizations aimed at improving and enhancing services to abused and neglected children and their families in Harris County. This service is only available to children referred by DFPS.

Our Collaborative Partners include:
The University of Texas Health Science Center Pediatric Department
The Mental Health and Mental Retardation Association of Harris County
The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Adult Assessment and Children's Assessment Clinical Teams
Our teams of multi-disciplinary clinical staff at The Children's Crisis Care Center are experts in working with abusive and neglectful families and maltreated children. This experience and expertise supports.

The Center's philosophy that early assessment and intervention increases the likelihood of a healing future for the traumatized child. Comprehensive early evaluations of families and all physically abused and neglected children (within 30 days of CPS placement).

4C's reports and recommendations are then used to assist in the planning for care of the child, and target the services to reduce the risk in the family

Permanency Planning Team Facilitated Conference Meetings
Every child who comes into the custody of CPS has a right to a safe and nurturing permanent placement as soon as possible. Both Texas law (Senate Bill 34) and the best interest of children dictate that a permanent plan be finalized within a year of a child's placement by CPS.

The Children's Crisis Care Center Permanency Planning Program provides the opportunity for the important people in each child's life to meet regularly in order to plan and work towards the best permanency plan for that child.

Convened by community professionals with expertise in child placing and permanency planning, these Permanency Planning Teams (PPT) develop and monitor the progress of the plans for the child and family.

Family Conferencing - A New CPS Initiative for Permanency Planning
HCPS – Children's Crisis Care Center (4Cs) program has recently joined with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to launch a new Family Conferencing Initiative. Family Conferencing is a decision making process that utilizes the strengths of the family, the resources of the community and the CPS agency to develop achievable, culturally-sensitive plans to ensure child safety and well being.

It is a voluntary activity where family members, family support systems, service providers and the community gather to address the future of the child. Family Conferencing recognizes that families have the strengths and desires to protect their children within their family by sharing the responsibility for children's safety. This process acknowledges the extended family's knowledge and life-long attachments to the child and offers community support to meet the family's needs.

Family Conferencing is being used nationally and internationally as a tool in Child Welfare services and has proven to be extremely effective in getting children out of foster care and into relative and target the services to reduce the risk in the family.

Description of Internship
The Clinical Intern Student will work along side of our Clinicians and Administrative support staff to obtain pertinent social skills and ethics for working in the social services field sharpen communication skills and obtain crisis intervention experience. In addition to helping our clinical program to accomplish the goal of ensuring families in CPS custody receive adequate crisis intervention services within a timely manner.

Other duties of the Clinical Intern Student are the following:

Interns will be offered the opportunity to engage in the work of the organization in order to meet the mission of "improving the quality of life of Greater Houston’s children through strategic research, public policy analysis, community education, collaboration and advocacy". Tasks include but are not limited to data collection, participating in advocacy campaign planning, public speaking, participation in community coalitions and collaborations, writing/producing educational materials, event planning, field research, policy analysis, and much more. These tasks offer a unique opportunity to become engaged in the community to help create large scale change on behalf of the 984,556 children who live in Harris County. The hours of the opportunity are primarily fixed and can be anytime between Monday and Friday (7:00am - 6:00pm).

Criteria for Interns
Qualifications: Must be in an approved Social Science major internship program.

Job Responsible to the Administrative Services Supervisor and Clinically supervised by our Mental Health Professionals.

Time Commitment
In order to obtain adequate experience and skills in the mental health and social services field, the intern commitment must include at least two days per week for a minimum of 4 hours each day for a minimum of two months.

Contact Name
Margaret Sachs, LMSW
Intake Coordinator
2525 Murworth, Suite B37
Houston, Texas 77054

Contact Number

(713) 394-4411

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