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Teaching Resources for Faculty

Note Taking: Tools for Improvement (by Theresa Case)

This overview of research on note taking conveys the importance of note taking skills to advanced learning and the complex nature of note taking. It also includes a quick and useful list of "best practices" for students, a link to a resource on Cornell note taking, and a recommendation for motivating students to improve their note taking abilities. Note Taking Resource Page Abobe Acrobat Reader Icon - Link to Download Acrobat Reader

Collaborative Learning Power Point (by Aaron Gillette)

Offers a concise overview of common collaborative learning techniques. The slides explain what collaborative learning is and why it is a desirable teaching methodology, provide several typical schematic models of collaborative learning, review key factors that influence the likelihood of successful collaborative learning activities, and conclude with a bibliography.
Collaborative Learning Module PowerPoint icon - this file is a PowerPoint file

NSSE at UHD, 2008: A Look at First Time College Students (by David Branham)

This analysis of the UHD's 2008 National Survey of Student Engagement focuses on First Time in College students, who represent about one quarter of entering freshman at UHD. The study's findings suggest that time priorities of FTICs and student-student (and student-faculty) relationships may be critical factors in the improvement of retention rates for these students.
UHD's 2008 National Survey of Student Engagement Abobe Acrobat Reader Icon - Link to Download Acrobat Reader

Arts and Humanities Retention Program Information and Form (by Toni Siriko Hoang)

Briefly explains to faculty the program's purpose, the steps involved in utilizing this resource, and its advantages and disadvantages as a tool for reaching at-risk and under-performing students.

Arts & Humanities Student Retention Form Abobe Acrobat Reader Icon - Link to Download Acrobat Reader

Informational Literacy (by Toni Siriko Hoang)

Outlines two less-well-known but valuable UHD Library resources available to faculty interested in the encouragement of student research: the Library Instruction Workshop and the Research Apprentice Workshop. Informational Literacy Workshop Abobe Acrobat Reader Icon - Link to Download Acrobat Reader



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