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The following page is a description of a writing associate for the Writing - Reading Center at the University of Houston - Downtown.

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The Role of the Writing Associate

In its most basic form, a Writing Associate is an upper division student who is assigned to one class and works closely with a professor to support students’ critical reading and writing. All major writing assignments are first given to the Writing Associate approximately two weeks before the due date. However, Writing Associates do not grade papers but instead serve as sympathetic readers, offering written, constructive feedback regarding students’ argument, analysis, organization, development, and writing style. Writing Associates then meet with students individually to discuss revision strategies before papers are submitted to the professor for grading. Students submit the Writing Associate’s comments along with the final version of the paper to the professoron the final due date. In addition to offering written feedback on writing assignments, Writing Associates are available to lead small group study sessions to discuss readings and lecture material. They also work with faculty members to help write assignment descriptions thereby clarifying course goals and outcomes for their students.


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