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Application Instructions

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All students who wish to apply to the BSW Program must, 1) complete an admissions application, and 2) submit the application in a hard copy format to the Social Work Program office in person, via mail, or via fax. If mailing or deliver in person please send the items to the following:

University of Houston-Downtown
Attn: BSW Program
1002 Commerce Street, Suite C.340
Houston, Texas 77002

Fax Number: 713-223-7409

All applications must be reviewed by all committee members. If you are applying for the Fall semester, the last day to submit your application is May 15th. Any application received after this date may not be processed until mid-August. If you are applying for the Spring semester, the last day to submit your application is November 1st. Any application received after this date may not be processed until mid-January.

A completed application packet includes:

Application Form

Completed and signed Social Work Program Application Form


Copy of official transcripts for all colleges/universities ever attended, including UHD. For courses taken at UHD, students may print out a copy of their Grade Report from e-services in lieu of a transcript. Paper copies are required as part of the application packet. Students are responsible for ensuring they meet the GPA requirement and recording this on the application form. The student must have a 2.5 GPA for their most recent 30 hours of college credit hours that have been taken in the past five years (We will not count GPA for courses taken more than five years ago).

Two Completed Recommendation Forms

Completed recommendation forms from two references (from past or present employers, teachers/professors, community or worship leaders, and/or supervisors of volunteer activities). It is in your interest to have someone who knows you in an academic or professional (employment or volunteer services) context so that they can legitimately speak to your professional or academic skills. It is recommended that you do not simply have friends or co-workers as recommenders, although if you cannot locate professors or supervisors, then these are acceptable. Letters from recommenders are not required, but the recommendation forms are. The quality of each recommendation is important. Completed recommendation forms


The essay should address the following: the reason for selecting the social work major; long-term academic and career goals (does not have to be specific); personal attributes that will contribute to student academic and professional success in social work; and any work, volunteer, or life experience that has shaped the decision to enter the field. The essay should be typed, double-spaced and at least 3 pages in length and should comply with academic standards in writing.

The essay is an opportunity for applicants to demonstrate the strength of their writing. The ability to convey an argument, as well as the ability to write according to academic standards, including but not limited to, essay structure, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, are all important elements assessed by the review committee. Students should address the reason or reasons for their interest in the field as well as any particular strengths that will make them effective social workers. Students may also consider addressing weakness, if any, in their application. For example, if students had a semester or more of low academic performance in the past, it is appropriate to contextualize this, and demonstrate how it served as a learning experience, and to also add what has changed so they can now be academically successful. Finally, students are cautioned about self-disclosure and should only do so if it makes a wider argument for entry into the program. Please understand, it is not expected that students will disclose intimate details of their life. If they choose to disclose a personal problem or event from the past, applicants should make it clear how the issue has been resolved so that they may now succeed in the program. Any such discussion of a problem or trauma should be brief and should focus on how this experience has informed them in ways to be a good social worker. Regardless, applicants should know that it is the quality of their writing that is the focus for evaluation of their application.

Last updated or reviewed on 11/27/13

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