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Quarterly Calendar

These courses are for those who are presently in the Criminal Justice field. All applications must be received by the Friday immediately prior to the course desired.

November 2013

3270Human TraffickingNovember 23, 20138am - Noon (4 hrs)$25.00

December 2013

3183Legal UpdatesDecember 6, 20138am - 5pm (12 hrs)$35.00
2028Basic SurveillanceDecember 7, 20138am - 5pm (8 hrs)$35.00

January 2014

3343O.C. PeppersprayJanuary 4, 20148am - Noon (4 hrs)$25.00
2053Expandable Baton Certification for PractitionerJanuary 25, 20148am - 5pm (8 hrs)$35.00
4021Mobile Video CourseJanuary 11, 20148am - 5pm (8 hrs)$35.00
2054Doppler Radar CourseJanuary 18, 20148am - 5pm (8 hrs)$35.00

***Call our office (713-221-8690) during August to find out the exact dates we will be offering the New Legal Updates for the 80th Texas Legislature. We expect these update classes to be offered in September and should be a one day (8 hour) course***

Mobile Video Instructors Certification Courses

  • Free
  • For additional training dates go to and check calendar.
  • Contact Jim Kuboviak at "Law Enforcement Mobile Video Instructor" (LEMVI) phone: (979) 255-1234

Registration may be canceled without penalty up to 3 working days before the course; however Registrants, who cancel within the last 3 days along with all NO-SHOWS, will be charged full tuition.

Continuing Education Deadlines for all Peace Officers Licensees, Constables, and Jailers

Commission Rule 217.11, Legislatively Required Continuing Education for Licensees, requires that individuals licensed as peace officers complete 40 hours of training in each of the two 24-month units of the current (4 year) training cycle, which began on 09/01/09 and will end on 08/31/13. Included within the 40-hour requirement are other legislatively required topics. These requirements are listed below for your information. All peace officers must meet these requirements or their peace officer licenses will become inactive on 08/31/2013.

Special Investigative 3232 or 3737 08/31/13
Cultural Diversity 3939 or 3737 08/31/13
C.I.T. 3840, 3841, or 4001 08/31/13

Note: the above courses are mandatory, but can be used as part of the 40 hours required in either unit.



40 hrs in the 1st unit

09/01/11 through 08/31/13

40 hrs in the 2nd unit

09/01/11 through 08/31/13


Constables &
Deputy Constables
Constables and deputy constables are also required to have the 20-hour civil process course (3101 or 3131) as part of the above requirements, but their deadlines vary and some waivers apply.
Jailers Individuals who possess (only) licenses as jailers, reserves, and/or public security officers are required to have Cultural Diversity(3939) completed no later than 08/31/2013 or their licenses will become inactive.

Last updated or reviewed on 3/7/14

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