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BSCJ Degree Requirements

Students Graduating Must Satisfy The Following Course Work Requirements:
The following degree requirements are subject to change. Students are bound by the requirements of the catalog in force at the time of their initial admittance to the University.

Common Core Requirements (42 hours)

ENG 1301 Composition I
ENG 1302 Composition II
COMM Speech Communication
MATH 1301/1310 College Algebra or higher level MATH course
NAT’L SCI Natural Science Courses (2 semesters)
ENG 23XX Literature/Humanities (3 hours, sophomore level)
FINE ARTS Fine Arts (3 hours - Art, Drama, or Music)
HIST 1305 United States History to 1877 (or equivalent)
HIST 1306 United States History after 1877 (or equivalent)
POLS 2305 U.S. Government I (TX/US Constitutions)
POLS 2306 U.S. Government II (TX/US Institutions)
SOC/BEHAV. SCI. Course selected from: ANTH 2301/2302; CJ 1301; ECO 1301; GEOG 1301/1302; PSY1303; or SOC 1303
CIS 1301 Introduction to Computer Based Systems (or equivalent)

General Education Requirements (9 hours) 

ENGL 3302 Business and Technical Report Writing OR ENGL 3308: Legal Writing
CJ 3320 Statistics in Criminal Justice
CJ 3311 Ethics of Social Control OR PHIL 3301: Moral Issues: Personal and Professional

Criminal Justice Core (21 hours)

CJ 1301 Crime, Law, and Society
CJ 2301 The Police System
CJ 2302 The Criminal Court System
CJ 2303 The Correctional System
CJ 3300 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CJ 3301 Criminology
CJ 4370 Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Electives (21 hours) 

Of the Criminal Justice hours required, a minimum of 24 hours must be upper level CJ courses.
Students transferring from a community college should not take courses in this component that they have previously taken at a lower level at a community college. For example, if a student has taken a criminal investigation course at a community college they should not take a criminal investigation course in the upper level at UHD. (See Community College Transfer Guide)

Supplemental Concentration (12 hrs.) or Minor (15 hrs. or more) 

Students must take 12 hours of non-criminal justice hours, nine of which must be upper level and should be in one concentration. The courses the student selects should complement his/her criminal justice course work. These courses cannot be criminal justice courses and be authorized by an academic advisor. 

Free Electives (9-15 hours depending on minor)

Students majoring in criminal justice have 15 hours of free electives. 

Additional Requirements 

Students graduating with a BS degree in criminal justice must have satisfied a world community requirement and 24 of the hours must have been taken at UHD.


Criminal Justice Academic Advising (C420):
Phone: 713-221-8906

Last updated or reviewed on 4/16/14

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