The mission of CPSFS is promote public service, family strengths, and civic engagement at UHD, to build partnerships with community organizations, educational institutions, and public and private agencies and corporations. The center enhances the educational experiences of UHD students, PK-12 students and teachers, and the quality of life of residents of the Houston community through collaborations, research studies, publication of an academic journal, and programs that reinforce academic learning and civic values among students, foster ethnic and racial harmony, strengthen families, advocate for underrepresented individuals and families, and facilitate the dissemination of best family-centered practices.

Service Learning & Community Engagement Advisory Committee

University College Branden Kuzmick
Criminal Justice Judith Harris
Criminal Justice Rebecca Pfeffer
Natural Science Poonam Gulati
Natural Science Phyllis Griffard
MMBA Sara Perry
Urban Education John Kelly
Urban Education Bernardo Pohl
Social Science Travis Crone
English Natalia Matveeva
Arts & Humanities Delores Wanguri
FACIS Martin Keith Wright
Math & Statistics Vasilis Zafiris
Engineering Jorge Tito-Izquierdo
Student Activities Liza Alonzo
Dean of Students Sara Jahansouz
Director, Academic Projects Lucy Bowen
Planning & Institutional Pat Williams
Institutional Effectiveness Angela Koponen
Co-chair Noël Bezette
Co-chair Beth Pelz
Criminal Justice Traqina Q. Emeka