Title IV-E National Roundtable Conference 2014

We are pleased to welcome you to the National title IV-E Roundtable, sponsored by the University of Houston-Downtown's Center for Public Service and Family Strengths and the University of Houston's Graduate College of Social Work. This conference builds on the long history of the efforts of the Center for Children & Families at Texas State University-San Marcos and the leadership of Dr. Nancy Feyl-Chavkin and Dr. Karen Brown.

The theme of Dialogue among Title IV-E Programs: A National Collaboration and Consultation affirms our ongoing commitment to children and families and diversity in all of our educational, service and research endeavors. Child Welfare will continue to be at the heart of our work, whether it is through state agencies' training or universities' education to serve families with neglect and abuse, mental health needs, developmental delays, substance abuse or violence issues. Our goal is to educate and train social workers for best practices in the new Millennium.

Evident throughout the 20 workshops, we demonstrate the social technology, research skills and knowledge to improve services through professionalization. Many sessions are led or co-presented by state and university partners. Our keynote speakers will address critical national data, an application of IVE, and bringing about change in the legal system. We have wonderful agencies and universities exhibits for you to visit.

This Roundtable could not happen without the dedication and insight of many people, beginning with our planning committee listed in this program. All of our wonderful presenters and their universities and agencies have graciously donated their expertise and time to share their work with us. President Flores, Dean Pelz and Ms. Paulette Purdy and Carlos Lacayo of the College of Public Services and Mirna Medrano and Mayra Garza of the Center for Public Service and Family Strengths, have played critical roles and spent endless hours to bring this conference to you. The support of Dean Ira Colby, Dr. Patrick Leung and Ms. Arnitia Walker of the University of Houston, Graduate College of Social Work is most appreciated.

Supplemental Files

Download 2014 Title IV-E Roundtable Program (pdf)

Curriculum and Field Focus Group (pdf)

Evaluation Focus Group (pdf)

Partnership/Administration Focus Group (pdf)


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