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For individuals interested in a Post Baccalaureate option, UHD's Urban Education Department offers an Alternative Certification Program, which is comprised of three phases:

Program candidates must:

  • All candidates will comply with the Teacher Educator Code of Ethics (TAC 19.7.§247).
  • Understand that, as state guidelines change, program revisions occur to ensure that the UHD Urban Education Alternative Certification Program remains in compliance with Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and Texas Education Agency (TEA) regulations and guidelines.
  • Realize that students are responsible for keeping up with revisions that affect individualized degree plans. Students should contact his/her advisor regularly and monitor the TEA website for teacher certification changes.

Admission Requirements

Phase 1: Pre-Internship Candidacy

  • Applicant is admitted to the program.
  • Candidate successfully completes required university coursework which includes 60 hours of fieldwork (6 hours per week) in an assigned public school. (See certification area flowchart for required university coursework.)
  • Candidate passes the appropriate TExES content exam for certification area.
  • Candidate pays fees associated with university coursework, tuition, books, and certification exams.
  • Candidate requests a Letter of Eligibility to secure employment for a one-year teaching internship in a Texas Education Agency accredited school.

Phase 2: Securing Employment for Internship

  • Candidate obtains a contract or "letter of intent to hire" from a public school district.
  • Candidate applies online with Texas Education Agency (TEAL) for a one-year initial probationary teaching certificate ($55).
  • Candidate completes required university paperwork for internship.
  • Department of Urban Education recommends candidate for probationary teaching certificate.

Phase 3: Internship

  • The internship is for one school year.
  • An intern is the "teacher of record" with all rights, privileges, and responsibilities of any other teacher in Texas [Texas Education Code 13.306(2) and 13.037(a)] and must abide by the Teacher Code of Ethics (TAC 19.7.§247).
  • Candidate pays to UHD a $4,000 internship fee (payment plan options available) and a mentor fee to the hiring school district (cost and payment options depend on hiring school district).
  • Each candidate is supported by a mentor teacher on his/her campus and a UHD field supervisor.
  • During the one-year internship, candidates must:
    • Attend required professional development seminars/workshops
    • Pay fees for required TExES exams
    • Pass the TExES EC-12 Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities exam (if not previously passed)
    • Successfully complete state and school district appraisal requirements
    • Be recommended for certification by the school principal, school mentor, UHD supervisor, and UHD ACP Director
    • Submit an e-portfolio for the internship year

Admission Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Required

Bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited university or college with

  • 2.5 GPA or higher in the last 60 hours of college level coursework.
  • For secondary certification, candidates also need 24 hours in an area of specialization with a 2.5 GPA in the area of specialization

Entrance Exam:

Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) scores or exemption approval. Score requirements are:

  • Math 230
  • Reading 230
  • Writing 220

Click here to register for the THEA Exam

Admission Application:

Submit ACP Application to College of Public Service Advising Office, C-420 by July 1 for fall admission and November 1 for spring admission.

Click here to download the application.

Three (3) Letters of Recommendation:

Submit three (3) ACP Reference Forms completed by professional references.

Click here to download the 'Letters of Recommendation'

Registration Fee:

Submit a receipt from the UHD Cashier for the ACP Application Processing Fee ($50).

Certification Areas

Note: EC = Early Childhool

Certification Area TExES Content Exam TExES EC-12 PPR Exam
EC-6 Elementary Generalist Test 191 Test 160
EC-6 Bilingual Generalist Test 192 BTLPT - Test 190
4-8 Generalist Test 111

8-12 Secondary

Social Studies - Test 132

History - Test 133

Life Science - Test 138

Physical Science - Test 137

Science Composite - Test 136

Math - Test 135

English Language Arts & Reading - Test 131

Certification Area Flowcharts

Semester Certification Areas File
ACP-Fall Start Flowchart EC-6 Generalist Download the file
ACP-Fall Start Flowchart EC-6 Billingual Generalist Download the file
ACP-Fall Start Flowchart 4-8 Generalist Download the file
ACP-Fall Start Flowchart 7-12 Certification (Secondary) Download the file
ACP-Spring Start Flowchart EC-6 Generalist Download the file
ACP-Spring Start Flowchart EC-6 Bilingual Generalist Download the file
ACP-Spring Start Flowchart 4-8 Generalist Download the file
ACP-Spring Start Flowchart 7-12 Certification (Secondary) Download the file

Please note: Teacher education programs are developed in response to the Texas Legislature, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) regulations and guidelines. As state guidelines change, program revisions may occur. Any new rulings or changes made by any of these entities in interpreting the rulings on educator certification may supersede the requirements of a s student's existing certification plan, degree plan, or post-bac certification plan. It is the responsibility of each student to stay apprised of any changes that may affect his/her plan.

Last updated or reviewed on 8/18/14

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