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UHD's Department of Urban Education offers a Master of Arts in Teaching with Teaching Certification (MAT) degree program designed for students seeking certification to teach.

Important Note: Texas legislation, as of 2014, mandates that students may NOT be enrolled in any other certification program while pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching with Certification.


When applying for the program, students must inform the MAT Director of their choice for certification:

Certification Area Description
EC-6 Generalist certification enables graduates to teach in classrooms from early childhood through grade 6.
4-8 Generalist certification enables graduates to teach in upper elementary classrooms through middle school grade levels.
Secondary Enables graduates to teach in high school classrooms, grades 7-12. This degree plan also requires that the student proves she/he has twenty-four (24) undergraduate hours in a specific content area, twelve (12) of which must be in upper division courses.

Students pursuing the MAT with Certification must also participate in an actual classroom for student teaching. This means that the student will be required to spend approximately fifteen (15) weeks in an assigned classroom. Additionally, the student will register for six (6) hours of student teaching during this semester.

  • If a student seeks out-of-state placement for student teaching, the student must find her/his own placement in an accredited school and then inform the Student Teaching Director of contact information for the school, the principal, and the cooperating teacher.
  • Application due dates
    • Fall – July 15
    • Spring – November 15

Secondary Certification Requirements

UHD can certify students in the following areas:

English Requires twenty-four (24) hours of math content. Twelve (12) of those hours must be in upper division courses.
Math Requires twenty-four (24) hours of math content. Twelve (12) of those hours must be in upper division courses.
Social Studies Requires a minimum of three hours in each of the following areas:
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Geography
Science Composite Requires a minimum of three (3) hours in each of the following areas:
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Ecology

In addition, MAT with Certification program students must successfully complete a directed studies project (MAT 6390) with approval of the director of graduate programs and under the supervision of an appointed faculty advisor.

If you have any questions regarding Texas Education Agency (TEA) certification in Texas, call the TEA Helpline at 1-800-205-2626.

Degree Plan

MAT Online with Texas Certification, Courses Requires Thirty-Six (36) Hours

MAT 6310 Reading in a Multicultural Classroom
MAT 6311 Advanced Study of Developmental Psychology and Diversity
MAT 6315 Introduction of Educational Research
MAT 6316 Advanced Methods for the Culturally Diverse Classroom
Nine hours of methods courses for specific certification area:
  • MAT 5311 Math
  • MAT 5314 Science
  • MAT 5319 Social Studies/Language Arts
  • MAT 5316 Math
  • MAT 5318 Science
  • MAT 5319 Social Studies/Language Arts
  • MAT 5302 Curriculum/Instruction/Evaluation in Secondary
  • MAT 5312 Managing the Secondary Environment for Student Success
  • MAT 5305 Professional Roles & Responsibilities for Secondary Teachers
MAT 6317 Classroom-Based Research (Prerequisite 6315)
MAT 6318 Technology Application for Curriculum Development & Instruction
MAT 6601 Student Teaching Traditional Track (6 hours)
MAT 6390 Directed Study in Urban Education (Prerequisites: 6316, 6317 & 6318)

Course Scheduling

Courses are offered in rotations, by semester, on a two-year planned schedule. Each semester is organized for students to enroll and complete the planned number of courses for each program. This is essential for students to follow the course rotation to complete the MAT with Certification degree within two years and to increase the likelihood of courses being offered.

If a student chooses to take only one course, she/ he must understand that it is possible that the rotation for the other course/s may not be offered for another full year, which will delay her/his program completion.

Class Rotation Schedule

Please refer to the MAT with Certification Course Timeline to determine courses offered during each semester.

Transfer of Graduate Credits

  • No more than six hours of equivalent graduate coursework may be transferred from other accredited universities.
  • A minimum grade of "B" is required in any completed courses that students wish to transfer.
  • Student must submit a petition for transfer credits to the Graduate Director and the Graduate Committee, who will review the course's equivalency. Transfer credit is by permission only and is not a right of the student.

Minimum Academic Requirements

  • To remain in the program, students must successfully complete each course
  • Students who earn a "D" or "F" in any course, or three "C's" during the program completion will be removed from the program once grades are officially posted for that semester


Graduation is dependent on:

  • Successful completion of all coursework with a minimum grade point average of 3.0
  • Successful completion of the Capstone Project (MAT 6390)
  • An approved graduation application completed the semester prior to anticipated graduation

If you have questions, or require additional information, please review your respective degree plans to determine which courses are offered and assigned per semester, depending on program choice. Students can also refer to UHD's graduate handbook for more details.

Last updated or reviewed on 3/11/15

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