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Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology
Program Objectives and Outcomes

Educational Objectives of CIET Program

Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology (CIET) program focuses on the application of electronics and computer technology to electronic instrumentations, automated control, and process control systems. CIET program prepares graduates who.

  1. Have a sound knowledge base and skill sets to develop and expand professional careers in fields related to electronic measurements and instrumentation, computerized control systems, Instrumentation and management of industrial processes.
  2. Are well-rounded individuals with strong personal skills and competent in communication and presentation, be able to work in team environments, and with a strong sense of professionalism.
  3. Have an aptitude for engineering applications and be immediately productive at workplace after graduation. Be committed to professional development and lifelong learning.

CIED Program Outcomes

At graduation, CIET graduates are expected to:

  1. Have an appropriate mastery of the knowledge in electronics, computer technology, data communication, instrumentation and control systems.
  2. Be able to apply mathematics as the tool and the concepts of chemistry, physics, and electricity for problem formulation and solutions.
  3. Be competent in computer applications and be able to develop applications programs related to modeling, simulation, instrumentation, and control of engineering systems.
  4. Be able to solve open-ended technical problems and be proficient in the analysis, design, test, and implementations of instrumentation and control systems utilizing appropriate software and hardware tools and devices.
  5. Be able to effectively communicate technical information and details verbally and in writing.
  6. Be able to conduct information searching and processing and develop the ability for self-learning.
  7. Be able to plan and execute project work to achieve the expected goals.
  8. Be able to communicate and function effectively and positively in team settings.
  9. Appreciate ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity.
  10. Understand the value and role of  professional organizations as resources for technical information and career direction, be active in networking community involvements.
  11. Understand and uphold professional, ethical and social responsibilities.

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