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20 Years of Undergraduate
UV-Polymerization Research in Houston

The Center for Applied Polymer Science Research (CAPSR) was created to provide undergraduate students at UHD with an opportunity to participate directly in basic and applied polymer science research that have academic and industrial significance.

CAPSR Objectives

  • Provide a polymer science laboratory to support upper-level courses in chemistry and industrial chemistry degree programs.
  • Provide an internationally recognized center for applied research in ultraviolet (UV) polymerization chemistry and technology.
  • Serve as a center for the dissemination of information to the Texas-based chemical industry concerning the productivity, environmental, and energy saving features of UV polymerization processes.


In the course of pursuing these objectives, CAPSR has been supported by a number of funding institutions and industrial organizations.Click here to see the list.

Contact Information

Center for Applied Polymer Science Research
University of Houston-Downtown
One Main Street, Room 809 -North
Houston TX 77002, USA
Phone: 713-221-8169
FAX: 713-221-8528
Email: Byron Christmas, Ph.D.

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