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20 Years of Undergraduate
UV-Polymerization Research in Houston

CAPSR was created in 1994 to provide undergraduate students at the University of Houston-Downtown with an opportunity to participate directly in basic and applied polymer science research, particularly those involving ultraviolet (UV) polymerization chemistry and technology.

CAPSR Objectives

  • Provide the opportunity for undergraduate students to participate directly in basic and applied polymer science research projects that have academic and industrial significance.
  • Provide a polymer science laboratory to support upper-level courses in the Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry B.S. degree programs.
  • Provide an internationally recognized center for applied research in ultraviolet (UV) polymerization chemistry and technology.
  • Serve as a center for the dissemination of information to the Texas-based chemical industry concerning the productivity, environmental, and energy saving features of UV polymerization processes.


In the course of pursuing these objectives, CAPSR has been supported by a number of funding institutions and industrial organizations.

Contact Information

Center for Applied Polymer Science Research
University of Houston-Downtown
One Main Street, Room 809 -North
Houston TX 77002, USA
Phone: 713-221-8169
FAX: 713-221-8528
Email: CAPSR

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