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Center for Applied Polymer Science Research

20 Years of Undergraduate
UV-Polymerization Research in Houston

CAPSR News and Information


Significant Accomplishments

Ms. Vien Lam received the "Best Student Paper" Award at the 2006 RadTech e/5 UV and EB Conference in Chicago, IL in April 2006.  Her paper was entitled, "UV-Polymerizable Systems Containing Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes" and was co-authored by Ms. Giovanna Patino, Mr. Colin Carandang, and Dr. Byron Christmas.

RadTech International North America, Chevy Chase, MD, selected Prof. Christmas for their 6th Annual President's Award at their 2006 Winter Meeting in Miami, FL.  According to RadTech, this award is presented to individual RadTech members that make significant contributions to RadTech and the advancement of UV and EB technology.  For further information, follow this link to RadTech International.

Mr. Colin Carandang presented a poster entitled, "Rheological Behavior and Relative Reactivity of UV-Polymerizable Systems Containing Dispersed Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs),” at the Sigma Xi Student Research Conference in Montreal, Canada, November 2004.   Mr. Carandang won 3 rd Place in the Chemistry division of the conference.

Ms. Jannie M. Dilber presented a poster entitled, “An Investigation of UV-Polymerizable, Thiol/Acrylate-Functional Systems, Part A” at the annual Sigma Xi Student Research Conference in Galveston, TX, December 2, 2002. Ms. Dilber won 3rd Place in the Chemistry division.

The Founders Award for the best technical paper at the RadTech ’96 UV/EB Conference in Nashville, TN was presented in April of 1996 to CAPSR researcher, Mr. Christopher Matranga. This biannual conference, sponsored by RadTech International North America, promotes the creative use of ultraviolet and electron beam (UV/EB) polymerization technology. Mr. Matranga’s award winning paper was co-authored with Prof. Byron K. Christmas and was entitled, “The Effects of UV Dose and Peak Irradiance on the Tensile Properties of UV-Polymerized Films”. Mr. Matranga has since graduated from UH-Downtown with a B.S. in Industrial Chemistry and has received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Chicago.  He currently works for the Department of Energy in Pittsburgh, PA.

Prof. Christmas was invited to make a technical presentation at the RadTech Asia UV/EB Conference in Yokohama, Japan during November 1997. His paper was entitled, “The Effects of UV Dose and Peak Irradiance on the Tensile Properties of UV-Polymerized Films, 2” and was co-authored by UH-Downtown students, Carol King and Mehdi Esmaeiliyan.

Specific Industrial Collaborations

CAPSR researchers conducted two collaborative research projects with people at UCB Chemicals Corporation in Smyrna, GA during the Spring of 1998 and the Fall of 1999, respectively. The first project culminated in the preparation and presentation of a technical paper that Prof. Christmas presented at the RadTech ’98 UV/EB Conference in Chicago, IL in April 1998. The second project culminated in a technical paper that was presented at RadTech 2000 in Baltimore, MD in April 2000.

CAPSR researchers conducted a collaborative research effort with Ultraviolet Systems & Equipment of Houston, TX. This project was designed to investigate the relative reactivities of a variety of UV-polymerizable inks of different colors.

CAPSR researchers have completed a collaborative project with Toma Products of Milton, WS that involved an investigation of the applicability of selected monomers in UV-polymerizable formulations. Two additional collaborative projects with another company were completed under confidentiality agreements.

CAPSR researchers have completed one lab project and a literature review in collaboration with Fusion UV Curing Systems, Inc. The experimental project was reported in a Poster Presentation format at RadTech International North America’s e/5 UV & EB Conference in Charlotte, NC in May 2004. The Poster was entitled, “Effects of Very Low Levels of UV Energy Density and Peak Irradiance on the Thermomechanical Properties of UV-Polymerized Films: A Poster Presentation”. The literature review paper is currently in draft form.

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