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Noyce Science Teacher Scholarship Program part of the Departments of Natural Science and Urban Education, Sponsored by the NSF and Scholars Academy

$8,000 Scholarships available for
Science majors who plan to teach in high school or middle school!

Come talk to us about the Robert Noyce Teacher
Scholarship Program*

See Dr. Brad Hoge (N725, hogeb@uhd.edu713-221-8289)
or Dr. Jon Aoki (N725G,; 713-221-8687).

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  November 25, 2012 – N725


Noyce Science Teacher Scholarship Application


The UHD NOYCE Teacher Scholarship Program prepares and educates science majors for careers in science education at the secondary school level. You will work with UHD faculty from the Departments of Natural Sciences and Urban Education, and with master science teachers from local high schools. An $8,000 academic year scholarship is supplemented with stipends for training during the academic year and summer, which can increase your total financial assistance to $10,000. Only students with junior-level status are eligible for funding though this program, however students can enter into their science degree plan at any point. Supplemental stipends for summer research and workshops during the academic year are offered for Noyce and pre-NOYCE students. Additional stipends vary depending on activity. All students must maintain a 3.0 GPA overall in their science courses to be eligible for the program. Post-baccalaureates can also receive stipends and are encouraged to apply. Students must have a 3.0 GPA overall in their science courses to be eligible for the scholarship. Accepted candidates for this program will sign a contract that requires two years of service at an at-risk secondary school for every year of scholarship support after earning a baccalaureate or master’s degree in an area of science from UHD. The degree requirement will be waived for post-baccalaureate participants.
There is also a pre-Noyce program. The pre-NOYCE program is designed to introduce students to the program who may not be sure whether they want to become teachers or not, but who are willing to consider the option. Pre-NOYCE students participate in NOYCE activities where they interact with master teachers, UHD faculty, and peers. These activities allow the pre-NOYCE scholar to experience what it is like to be a teacher and what it takes to prepare for a career in teaching. Pre-NOYCE scholars are advised about their degree plan options as soon as they enter the program. Advising and counseling by NS and UE faculty continues as they approach their Junior year at UHD. 


*sponsored by the National Science Foundation and UHD

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