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"Right now over 70 percent of the world population is convinced that something serious has to be done about the dangers facing the planet. ...Most of humanity wants to know how to make the change.  It's one of those tipping-point times where things can change unbelievably fast... "

Paul H. Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson
The Cultural Creative's


Introductory Biology for Non-Science Majors
Dr. Suzette Mouchaty, Ph.D.

Service Learning



"Sustainable agriculture is one that produces abundant food without depleting the earth’s resources or polluting its environment" (1). World population growth necessitates increasing food supply, however heavy pesticide and fertilizer use has polluted air and water, and degraded soil quality, making increasing food production difficult. UHD students explored this issue through their research projects and volunteer activities with local farmers" markets, a medical mission trip, and Earth Day Houston 2009.

"For my service hours I was allowed to apply my [medical] mission trip to Guatemala during spring break." "Third World countries grow cash crops instead of growing food to sustain their own people." "Many of the people are very poor and cannot afford to purchase food for their families." "Many companies from the First World go into these Third World countries and dictate what they can grow."

-UHD Biology 1312 Student, Elias Lopez

"Market and interviewed consumers and an organic farmer who owns Knopp Branch Farm located right outside of the Houston Metropolitan area. We spent three hours at the market and the weather and atmosphere was great."

-UHD Biology 1312 Students, Eli Lopez, Mario Mendoza, and Enrique Sanchez



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