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Department of Natural Sciences

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This Bachelor of Science program with a concentration in Geology provides both a broad-based curriculum in the Liberal Arts and a specific set of courses in the Natural Sciences designed to meet the personal a career goals and interests of the student.  While the department offers more narrowly focused degree programs in biology, chemistry, and microbiology, this program allows the student to focus on geology.  This degree is especially appropriate for students interested in geosciences careers or graduate programs. The approved degree plan for this program will be determined through consultation among the student, his/her advisor in the Department of Natural Sciences, and the chairperson of the Department of Natural Sciences.  


A minimum of 120 hours of university-level course work is required to complete all graduation requirements. A maximum of 66 hours from a Junior or Community College may be approved as credit toward this degree. The Department of Natural Sciences has the following requirements for all science degrees: 

  1. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all science courses that could apply toward the degree;  
  2. No more than three credit hours with a grade of D in upper-level science courses may be applied to the degree;  
  3. Students must have at least 18 credit hours of upper-level science from UH-Downtown with a minimum GPA of 2.0 to apply toward the degree; and  
  4. Credit for science courses that are more than 10 years old must be approved by the department before they can be applied toward a degree.




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