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Biotechnology - Careers in Texas


Career opportunities are increasing in Texas, and in the Houston area in particular. While Texas is far behind California, Massachusetts, and Michigan in industry development, it is expected to catch up to these states in the next decade. Currently, career opportunities cover a broad range of jobs (levels of academic education is listed in parentheses) :
  • Research or clinical technician (AS, BS)
  • Manufacturing or production technician (AS, BS)
  • Product/quality control analyst (AS, BS)
  • Sales (BS)
  • Writer (BS)
  • Computer data analyst (BS)
  • Accountant (BS)
  • Graphics artist (BS)
  • Software development (BS, MS, PhD)
  • Research scientist (MS, PhD)
  • Patent/property law clerks or lawyers (BS, MS or JD/LLD)
  • Chemical/biomedical engineer (BS, MS, PhD)
The key skills needed for any of the above jobs in biotechnology include:
  • Accuracy
  • Analytical skills (rhetorical and mathematical)
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills (oral and written)
  • Computer skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Independence
  • Laboratory skills
  • Teamwork
Additional skills that are often overlooked by educators but critical to the biotechnology industry:
  • Graphics artist skills
  • Programming skills

Entry-level salary: $22,000 - 34,000 with a baccalaureate degree depending on experience, academic training, and the job; $32,000-45,000 with a masters or doctorate degree depending on training and the job.


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