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Department of Natural Sciences

Faculty Profile


Dr Kenneth Jonnson

Dr. Kenneth Jonnson, Assistant Professor, and Biological and Physical Sciences Program Coordinator


Office: 606-N
Phone: 713-221-2720




Dr.. Johnson has been at UHD since 2002 and currently serves as Assistant Professor in Geology and Chemistry in the Department of Natural Sciences. He is a geologist who specializes in petrology and geochemistry, and studies the formation and evolution of silicate magmas, the origin of metallic ore deposits, and the tectonics of continental orogenic events. He teaches courses in physical geology, mineralogy, petrology, and inorganic geochemistry

Educational History

Ph.D., Geology/Geochemistry, Texas Tech University, 1995

M.S., Geology, Texas Tech University, 1991

B.S., Geology, The Ohio State University, 1987

Research Interests

Mesozoic magmatism related to evolution of continental crust in the Pacific Northwest Origin of iron-oxide-copper-gold ore deposits Variscan-age magmatism and tectonics in the Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic) Origin of migmatites

Recent Publications

Schwartz, J.J., Snoke, A.W., Frost, C.D., Barnes, C.G., Gromet, L.P., and Johnson, K., in press.  Analysis of the Wallowa-Baker terrane boundary:  Implications for tectonic accretion in the Blue Mountains Province, northeastern Oregon.  Geological Society of America Bulletin.

LaMaskin, T.A., Schwartz, J.J., Dorsey, R.J., Snoke, A.W., Johnson, K., and Vervoort, J.D., in press.  Mesozoic sedimentation, magmatism, and tectonics in the Blue Mountains Province, northeastern Oregon.  In:  O’Connor, J.E., Dorsey, R.J., and Madin, I.P. (eds.), Volcanoes to Vineyards: Geological Field Trips through the Dynamic Landscape of the Pacific Northwest, Geological Society of America Field Guide 15.

Johnson, K. and Barnes, C.G., 2006.  Magma mixing and mingling in the Grayback pluton, Klamath Mountains, Oregon.  In:  Snoke, A.W. and Barnes, C.G. (eds.), Geological studies in the Klamath Mountains province, California and Oregon: A volume in honor of William P. Irwin, Geological Society of America Special Paper 410, pp. 247-267.

Johnson, K., Barnes, C.G., Browning, J.M., and Karlsson, H.R.,2002.  Petrology of iron-rich magmatic segregations associated with strongly peraluminous trondhjemite in the Cornucopia stock, northeastern Oregon.  Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, v.142, pp.564-581.

Johnson, K., Barnes, C.G., and Miller, C.A., 1997.  Petrology, geochemistry, and genesis of high-Al tonalite and trondhjemites of the Cornucopia stock, Blue Mountains, northeastern Oregon.  Journal of Petrology, v.38, pp.1585-1611.

Faure, G., Hagen, E.H., Johnson, K., Strobel, M.L., and Whiting, K.S., 1995.  Geological exploration of East Antarctica:  Iron, manganese and titanium in the heavy-mineral fractions of till in the Transantarctic Mountains.  American Geophysical Union, Antarctic Research Series, v.67, pp.19-31.

Barnes, C.G., Johnson, K., Barnes, M.A., Prestvik, T., Kistler, R.W., and Sundvoll, B., 1995.  The Grayback pluton: magmatism in a Jurassic back-arc environment, Klamath Mountains, Oregon. Journal of Petrology, v.36, pp.397-416.


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