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First-Generation Students

Get Support and Get Involved

Caroline Kimberly, Assistant Professor
College of Humanities & Social Sciences

      As a first-generation college student, I began my undergraduate career
at a commuter campus that was a lot like UHD.  My best advice for other
students in this situation is two-fold.  First, try to surround yourself
as much as possible with people who support your educational goals.  I
was lucky to have a mom who worked hard to support me in advancing my
education and to have close friends who were also pursuing their college
degrees at the same time I was.  They understood how hard it was, but if
your family or friends don't understand what you're going through, look
for folks who do.  Starting a study group with your new college
classmates is a great way to start!  Second, get involved on campus.  It
can be tricky to feel connected to your new college experience when you
just drive to campus, take your classes, and drive home.  So explore the
Office of Student Activities and Events and our Student Organizations,
hang out in the different study areas around campus, and check out the
Student Life Center.  There's a lot going on at UHD besides just
classes, and some of the best college experiences take place outside the
classroom.  Hang in there, ask for help when you need it, but most
importantly, enjoy this new phase in your life.  It's worth it!

Caroline Kimberly


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