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Freshman Summer Success Program
Past Student Thoughts

From FSSP'12

Succeeding at the university is very different from succeeding in high school. Explain something that you have learned during this program that will help you to adapt to college life. Comment on one or more aspects of the program (classroom activities, guest speakers, professors, student ambassadors / presentations, university environment, campus tours, etc.) that you found particularly helpful in preparing you for your first semester at UHD:

  1. How has this program changed your expectations about college?

I feel more at ease about the transition from high school to college because the professors and admin seem very welcoming.
It has showed me that I can find help and that I will not be alone.
It made me realizes that the faculty and students are here to help and answer any questions I have.
It helped me realizes there is a lot of resources I can benefit from.
This program has been very helpful about advising and college.
Yes, I feel more confident to start. I am excited to know some professors and ready to start.
It made me believe that I can graduate with honors
It is not a scary place.
It has changed my expectations about the way I see college.


  1. What other thoughts about this program would you like to share with us?

It was great because the people were nice and explained everything in great detail.
It’s fun!
A great experience and has provided me with lots of information.
Awesome team, fun time, Thank You UHD!
Great program!.
I think this is an amazing program for incoming freshman.
The food was very satisfying.
 I like the teacher’s assistants and the professors they were very helpful.
I loved it! I made new friends.
Excellent teachers.

  1. Other comments about the FSSP experience

Managing my time will be extremely helpful to comprehend, understand, and be able to do well in college.

I have learned that I’m going to apply myself very hard in order to achieve the grades I want.

The gap between high school & college is pretty big, but with all these guest speakers, professors and past students giving advice it surely helps to know some facts and past experiences.

You have to push yourself to stay dedicated and complete the work.

I learned that you’re not forced to go to class so now that we’re freshman we have to be responsible enough to go to class or that money has gone down the drain.

Ask questions, setup meetings with professors, make friends, do different activities.


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