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The STAR Program offers the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) as a tool to assess and improve the learning and study skills of first-year students. The LASSI is a 10-scale, 80-item assessment of student attitudes and approaches to classes and studying.    
LASSI evaluates 10 different areas:

  • Time Management- how you effectively and efficiently budget and manage your time
  • Test Taking- how to prepare for and take different types of exams including multiple choice and essay
  • Selecting the Main Idea- being able to identify and tell the overall focus of the material being presented
  • Study Aids- resources available on campus which can help you prepare for exams
  • Anxiety- refers to feeling stressed, worried, or nervous in academic settings
  • Concentration- the active process of maintaining attention over time during lectures and when studying
  • Information Processing- strategies and skills used to make new information meaningful
  • Self-Testing- involves setting up checkpoints as you ready and study to quiz yourself
  • Motivation- your willingness to work hard and persist through challenges
  • Attitude- can determine how you view important things in college

The LASSI assessments provide a roadmap to discussing your strengths and challenges with your advisor and tutors. This foundation ensures that each student gets the attention and training needed to succeed.
Students are encouraged to take the following steps toward academic development.

  • Email the STAR Program office to request access to the online LASSI Pre-Assessment. 
  • Meet with an Academic Advisor to review LASSI results and discuss a plan to improve study skills.
  • Attend Student Success Workshops targeting the 10 skill areas measured on the LASSI.   
  • View Student Success Workshop online modules and complete the workshop reflection form for each.  
  • Visit the Learning Connection (S405) to meet with an AVID tutor and discuss your study action plan.
  • Take the LASSI Post-Assessment to evaluate progress.  Email the STAR Program for access codes.


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    University of Houston Downtown
    One Main Street, 603 South
    Houston, TX  77002-01001

    Phone: 713-221-8940
    Fax:  713-226-5235

    Katrina Borders, Director, STAR Program

    Consuela M. Cooper, Coordinator, STAR Program
    Spencer D. McGuire, Coordinator, STAR Program

    Van Vo, Admin. Assistant II,
    STAR Program


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