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Welcome to the UHD Center for Retail Management, where we prepare students for lucrative and rewarding careers, and provide seasoned retailing professionals with the tools they need for advancement. We are proud to offer educational options to accommodate a wide range of schedules.​



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Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Career in Retail Management 

Reason No. 10

The vast array of career pathways to​ choose from. Whether you choose to own or manage a store or pursue other options, opportunities are plentiful in merchandising/buying; information technology/eCommerce; supply chain; marketing/advertising; loss prevention; finance/accounting; human resource management; store design; and real estate.

Reason No. 9​​

High earning potential. Average salaries for retail managers/directors in department stores average $89,065, with the potential of earning $145,000+.
In “Big Box” stores, the figures are $93,929, and $175,000+ respectively.1

Reason N​​o. 8

Job prospects are plentiful. Retailers have more management needs than they have candidates for positions. As of June 2014, the National Retail Federation calculated retail industry employment gains (excluding autos and gasoline) of 8,000 jobs in May and 237,000 year-over-year. The increase was supported by upward revisions in April, which NRF calculated at an additional 8,000 jobs.

Reason N​​o. 7

Advancement opportunities. There are few industries that grant as many responsibilities to young managers. Retailing offers great salaries and benefits along with incredible opportunities for fast advancement.

Reason N​o. 6

It’s not a “desk job.” As a retail manager you will be on the move most of your day. A manager is constantly looking at the operations trying to find new ways to improve the operations and profits. Managers deal with personnel issues, train employees, build relationships with customers, and a host of other issues that crop up from day to day. Some refer to it as “firefighting” because retail managers are always putting out one fire to go to another (i.e., solving one problem to get to the next problem).

Reason No. 5​​

Every day is different. As a manager your objective each day is to serve the customer and make a profit for the company. That is pretty basic. However, each and every day will be different in how you achieve that objective. Each day comes with its own challenges and opportunities for a manager to overcome so at the end of the day the objectives have been met.

Reason No. 4

It’s challenging - in a good way. A manager must be a quick thinker, resourceful and creative. You will always be challenged whether it is trying to boost sales, control expenses, help an employee or customer with personal issues, deal with weather changes, emergencies, etc. You will need to be able to make a quick decision and be able to relate your decision to the other associates quickly and accurately.

Reason No. ​​3

It’s tremendously rewarding. Are you a real “people person”? There’s nothing like retailing when it comes to meeting new people every day, and developing long-term relationships with loyal customers.

Reason No. 2​

It’s dynamic. Building successful teams, motivating employees, adjusting to meet changing business variables - opportunities for personal and professional growth will be part of your everyday experience.

And the No. 1 reason to choose a career in retailing:

It's one of the most exciting, dynamic businesses in the world!


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