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Faculty Resources

Faculty at the Marilyn Davies College of Business have developed the following series of documents and other resources that describe collegewide standards for excellence, inform both faculty and others the available resources that promote excellence, and create structure and honor excellence in faculty. ​​

Faculty Qualifications Policy​​​

Faculty Annual Evaluation Rubric (Jan 2015)

Lecturer Annual Evaluation Rubric (Dec 2016)​​

​​Activity Insight Instructions​

These are helpful instructions for faculty about Activity Insight information.

How to Log into Activity Insights

How to Import Intellectual Contributions

How to Update Service Information

Journal Instrument Data
This is an excel document that houses all the "metadata" behind the journals listed in Activity Insight. Each journal has a Cabell's acceptance rate value, an ABDC Rating value, an indication of whether the journal is peer reviewed, and a corresponding MDCOB Journal Quality rating of "Excellent," "Good," "Acceptable," or "Not Categorized." These ratings are STARTING POINTS. If you believe a journal in which you have published deserves a rating that is not reflected by Cabell's and ABDC, please work with your Department Chair to provide a narrative to support that rating. Once you come to a decision, the Journal Instrument can be updated to reflect those changes.


If you have published in a journal that is NOT included in the Journal Instrument, you may submit that journal for addition here:  ​

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