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Jiselle Wilson


​ ​​ Jiselle Wilson
​  BBA Career Counselor
  Internship Coordinator
  Office: B104         

BBA Career Counselor & Internship Coordinator Scope of Responsibilities
Guide students in their decision on suitable employment and career choices. Offers advice on achieving career goals, interprets career assessments to provide a career path for students. Assist students in learning effective job hunting and resume writing skills and techniques. Coordinates Internship Program (iProgram) so students can gain industry experience to complement their classroom experience.  Assists with marketing programs that promote career services to students, alumni, employers, faculty, and staff.

Educational Qualifications
A Lamar University Alum having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications.

​Professional Experience

Jiselle Wilson has over 5 years of experience in Career Development and a strong background in marketing. Mrs. Wilson has a strong passion for assisting students who seek Career Development and guidance, and will always go above and beyond for all of her students.

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