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General Information on IDEA

The general benefits and philosophy of the IDEA instrument includes:

  • Focus on students learning and related teaching methods.
  • The ability to choose learning objectives for your course.
  • Adjustments for extraneous influences.
  • Research underpinning the development and validation of the IDEA instrument.
  • IDEA's use of a nationwide comparative database.

IDEA is a site dedicated to selecting objectives on the IDEA instrument. (Note: much of this refers to pencil and paper forms, but the essentials are still correct). It includes sections on objectives selected by various disciplines, sample syllabi with IDEA objectives and some detailed thoughts on selection of objectives.

White Papers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I complete my Objectives Selection Form (OSF)?
A: Completing the OSF is as easy as logging into your faculty dashboard and completing a form for each course. For the first time around, it might be helpful to have handy the student learning outcomes you have selected in the past, but you will also notice that IDEA has updated and improved the objectives. Be sure to re-consider your objectives in light of these new options. If you fail to complete the form, every student learning outcome will be selected as "Important."

Q: When can I complete my OSF?
A: You will be able to complete your OSF at any time starting when the course evaluations open up until they close for students.

Q: When will I be able to view the results report?
A: Results will become available for faculty after the last day for grade entry.

Q: Why do I only see results for some courses and not others?
A: If a course has fewer than three student responses, the faculty member will not be able to view the course evaluation results for that course. IDEA will not provide report calculations for responses under the threshold limit of three. This is an IDEA policy, put in place to protect student confidentiality.

Q: Why am I unable to view department comparison?
A: IDEA will only enable department comparison for a department once a department has produced a minimum of 400 course evaluation reports. Please note that course evaluation reports will only be produced when a course has three or more survey responses.

Q: What can be done to increase response rates?
A: During each course evaluation period, students will receive continuous email reminders to complete the surveys. Additionally, class capture has been proven to be the most effective way to increase response rates. Please review this instructional document on how to conduct class capture for your course(s).

Q: How can I view my course evaluation reports prior to fall 2014?
A: For online course evaluations prior to fall 2014, please click to log into e-services.

Q: How can I print and save my reports?
A: View How to print and save reports for step-by-step instructions.

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