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03 Academic Affairs

A - Academic Affairs

Policy Statement NumberPolicy Title
Effective Date
03.A.01 Honorary Degrees06/14/21
03.A.02 Placement and Course Sequencing06/22/15
03.A.03 Auditing Courses06/22/15
03.A.04 Grading System for Undergraduate Students05/23/18
03.A.05 Dean's List10/28/10
03.A.06 Graduation and Commencement06/14/21
03.A.07 Academic Probation and Suspension04/27/20
03.A.08 Interim Undergraduate Academic Amnesty05/24/21
03.A.09Subsequent EnrollmentRescinded
03.A.10 Acceptance of Transfer Credit06/08/16
03.A.11 Credit by Examination and Credit by Approved Equivalencies05/28/13
03.A.12 Changes to Curricula, Courses, Programs, and Credentials06/14/21
03.A.13Approval Procedure for New Degree Programs
See PS 03.A.12
03.A.14Procedure for Approval of New Courses
See PS 03.A.12
03.A.15Procedure for Approval of Alterations to Courses
See PS 03.A.12
03.A.16UHD Library Circulation Policy (Revised 2000)Rescinded
03.A.17 Directed Studies Policy06/22/15
03.A.18Library Interlibrary Loan PolicyRescinded
03.A.19 Academic Honesty Policy06/22/15
03.A.20Approval Procedure for Non-Substantive Degree Program RequestsRescinded
03.A.21 Field Experience Policy (Revised 2000)12/18/00
03.A.22 Access to Student Academic Records/Information06/22/15
03.A.23 Protection of Human Subjects07/20/20
03.A.24 Undergraduate Admission of Students07/20/21
03.A.25 Academic Freedom04/21/87
03.A.26 Student Course Opinion Surveys06/27/14
03.A.27Approval Process for Degree Minors
See PS 03.A.12
03.A.28 Satisfactory Progress for Students Enrolled in Developmental Courses12/01/10
03.A.29 Course Syllabi06/14/21
03.A.30 Semester Credit Hours Policy05/28/13
03.A.31 Assessment of Educational Programs05/28/13
03.A.32 Monitoring and Reporting of Substantive Changes08/15/16
03.A.33 Continuing Education Policy02/13/12
03.A.34 University College Curriculum Support Committee06/27/14
03.A.35 Majors, Minors, Simultaneous Majors, and Second Degrees05/23/18
03.A.36 Course Drop Limit08/10/20
03.A.37 Online Education Policy06/22/15
03.A.38 Procedures for the Operation and Approval of Centers and Institutes06/22/15
03.A.39 Assessment of Co-Curricular & Operations Units03/31/16
03.A.40 Scholarship Administration for Credit Bearing Work06/08/16
03.A.41 General Education Program04/27/18
03.A.42 Competency-based (nested) Degree & Certificate Programs05/11/20

B - Graduate Policies

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