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The following page is a blank template with a header that contains a quicklinks jump menu and the search UHD function. Page sections are identified with headers. The footer contains all required links, contact and emergency information.

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Known Issues

Tool or
Functional Area
Issue Description
Possible work around information

All Threads Are Not Selected When Select All Is Used in Tree View of the Discussion Thread Page

The Select All check box does not work properly in the thread list page.

Use List View to select all threads.

Broken Image Link in a Discussion Board Quote Reply
When an instructor uploads an image in a thread in a discussion board, a quote of this thread does not display the image.


Group Assignment Submission Page May Be Confusing to Students
If the first student that views the group assignment submission page does not submit the assignment, subsequent group members see a page with previous submission information with a "review submission history" page suggesting that there is an ungraded attempt already submitted.

Content Editor/ Discussions

HTML Code with URLs is Causing Performance Problems
When posting a specific piece of HTML into a discussion board posting, CPU spiking occurs on the application server on which the thread is being created. The page eventually times out during the post, but the thread is created. When a user attempts to access the thread, the content does not load.

Inline Grading

Inline Grading Does Not Accept Letter Grades
When grading an assignment attempt with inline grading, entering a letter grade returns an Invalid Value error.

Math Editor

Math Symbol Area Does Not Appear on the WIRIS Math Editor in Internet Explorer with SSL Enabled
WIRIS Math Editor does not function as expected when browsing with Internet Explorer and SSL being enabled.
Workaround: Use an alternative browser.


Sending Mail to All Users May Cause Error
Sending mail to all users causes an error and not all emails are sent.

Grade Center

Uploading Offline Grades into Grade Center Does Not Import Feedback Comments
When using the Work Offline option on the Grade Center, if the instructor exports the Grade Center to an XLS file, adds comments in the Grade Center, and uploads the work then the comments are not imported or updated.


Uploading Grades for Interactive Tool Columns and Manual Columns Incorrectly Sets Status to “In Progress”
When attempting to upload grades for manually created columns or interactive tool columns, the record will be updated to "In Progress" status, instead of the desired grade.


Using Copy when Creating a Test Creates an Endless Loop
When utilizing Copy function while creating a test, it is not deployed to the content area. Instead, the user is redirected to the question edit page.


Click Here to view a complete list of known issues for the current Blackboard Service Pack

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